Sporting CP – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: December 11, 2015

“We are very sad, we didn’t deserve to lose”

Şenol Güneş: “We are very sad. If you look at all our games in the group and today’s game we didn’t deserve to lose. It should have been a very easy game, but we panicked after we conceded one goal and then conceded 3 in total. Besides that the players showed their effort. This is sad, we could have won. We could have attacked more after the 0-1. We gave the match away to our opponent with the goals we conceded. We didn’t deserve to lose any games if you look at how they were played. Since there is no way back we can only be sad. We made simple mistakes. We lost possession and were offside a lot of times. The 10 minutes after we conceded a goal were very negative. I don’t find it right to sharply criticize one player after losing a game. It isn’t right to only look at our goalkeeper and find a scapegoat. We lost together and we are sad together.”

“It isn’t necessary to blame Tolga”

Olcay Şahan: “We are sad, we prepared well for the game and started well. They didn’t have any chances until the 70th minute of the game. Too bad we conceded an unfortunate goal and then fell apart. It isn’t necessary to blame Tolga or the defence. Football is a team sport. If we would have scored our chances it could have been different. I had some chances as well. We need to forget about this game and prepare well for Monday. The Europa League is over, we need to focus on the league now. Monday’s game is one of the most important ones this season. I hope we can repair tonight with 3 points on Monday.”

“We conceded a goal in a way we weren’t expecting”

Ricardo Quaresma: “It was actually a good game in the beginning, we came on a 1-0 lead and were searching for a second. We conceded a goal in a way we weren’t expecting. They took advantage of our mistake and won the game. These type of mistakes are very expensive. We still have the league, we need to concentrate on that well. We don’t say ‘you played a bad game’ to players, regardless of their position. If we made a mistake, we all made it together. We have a very important game on Monday, the game against Sporting is over. We are going to look at the game against Galatasaray. I’m very happy at Besiktas right now. I want to thank the Sporting fans for the attention they gave me.”

Beşiktaş didn’t give us any space”

Sporting head coach Jorge Jesus: “Beşiktaş played more aggressive in the first half. They didn’t give us any space. We got to this score in the second half by making some tactical changes. It was important for us to win and we won. The league is important as well but we don’t want to drop the Europa League and we want to go as far as we can.”

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