Cenk Tosun: “If Bilić had rotated more…”

Updated: January 8, 2016

Beşiktaş striker Cenk Tosun has spoken to the press at the Antalya camp. He compared himself to Gómez, talked about his transfer to the Black Eagles and criticized former coach Slaven Bilić for not rotating enough during last season.

“Gómez is more experienced”

“I worked hard at the start of the season. I did extra private trainings and was ready when I came to the camp. Of course the arrival of Mario Gómez and his success put me on a second plan, but I don’t see myself as his stand-in. I have come on and scored goals. Of course I would like to get more chances, but this is the coach’s decision and I respect that. Gómez is very succesful. He scores every game. My weak point compared to Gómez is that he is more experienced. I learn a lot from him. I don’t have many weaknessess. However, we are al human beings. If he gets in a downfall, it is important for me to be ready.”

“Gómez is like an invisible man”

“Gómez cheers me up a lot. He appreciates me too. He likes that I use both my feet, he does that too. We are the same type of player, but we have different characteristics. His best characteristic is that he is always in the right place. He even takes the stage in games you don’t see him at all, like an invisible man. It is important for Beşiktaş to have a two-footed player, because if you can use both feet you can surpise the defense. If you only use one foot, the defense knows that and intervenes before you shoot. There are times I become emotional. If I am done injustice I can’t get it out of my head, but I don’t show it during training. It is important to get it out of your head though. I especially witnessed that last year.”

“I gave up on money to go to Beşiktaş

“I had only a half year remaining on my contract at Antep. I had the right to talk with other clubs. Fenerbahçe came along and Antep would get more money of them. I wanted to go to Beşiktaş, so I gave up on the money that was owed to me, so Antep would win some too. I think my transfer is an example in Turkey. In Europe it happens a lot that you agree in the winter and transfer at the end of the season. I agreed with Beşiktaş and played at my best against Beşiktaş three days later.”

“If Bilic would have rotated, we could have become champions”

“I don’t see myself as an on-call striker. I’m more useful if I get more chances. It doesn’t effect me, I score critical goals. Coming on and scoring a goal is perhaps more important than being in the starting 11. The coach subs you on because he trusts you to turn the score around. I couldn’t get used to being subbed on in the past, but now I am used to it. I don’t want to look at the past too much and I don’t want to blame anyone, but I deserved to get more chances last season. There were games where I directly scored a goal the moment I came on. We played on a lot of different fronts and tired out a lot. Bilić didn’t like to rotate a lot. If he would have rotated not only me but three or four more players, I think we could have become champions.”

Source: Habertürk spor


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