Why the Cássio transfer broke down

Updated: January 14, 2016

Yesterday it was widely reported that Corinthians goalkeeper Cássio Ramos will not be moving to the Black Eagles. Some of you may wonder why and exactly what went down to cause the deal to break down.

Let’s start by saying that Cássio Ramos was never the first choice option for Beşiktaş, his transfer was suggested by player agents and was only an alternative in case the main targets in Europe (David Ospina, Denys Boyko, Steve Mandanda, Rene Adler, etc) wouldn’t work out.

An agreement in principle had been reached with Cássio, mind you Beşiktaş always reaches agreements with the plaeyrs first before spending a lot of time on negotiations with their respective clubs to ensure that they don’t waste their time in case the player’s demands are too high. After that an agreement with Corinthians, who held 60% of the rights to Cássio’s contract, was also reached. However, Beşiktaş refused to pay for the remaining 40% of the player’s rights to the agency who held those rights.

Corinthians president De Andrade had the following to say about the negotiations: “We could not reach an agreement with Beşiktaş over the transfer fee of our player Cássio. He will now join our squad in their Florida training camp and a move is off the table.”

The fee which was agreed on was rumoured to be in the area of € 3 million, steep enough as it is. Beşiktaş wouldn’t have to pay much more than that (between € 4 and 5 million) for Denys Boyko so it would be ludicrous to pay much more than € 3 million.

Beşiktaş had been putting the transfer on hold, because they wanted to see how negotiations with Dnipro and Arsenal went ended. With the announced departure of Pedro Franco aswell it is extremely likely that Beşiktaş have (almost) reached an agreement with a (or multiple) club(s) for a goalkeeper and a central defender.

We reported two days ago that a deal with Dnipro for Denys Boyko was on the brink of completion, perhaps that is the case and Douglas is included in the deal aswell. It could also be possible that Beşiktaş are ready to bring in Bordeaux defender Lamine Sane, who they have reached an agreement with, and another goalkeeper. David Ospina continues to push for a move at Arsenal, it is possible that Wenger has given in although it seems more likely that Boyko will be our next number one. But these aren’t the only options on the table as Beşiktaşhas also been working on loan deals for Mathew Ryan and Juventus’ reserve keeper Neto, but it is far more likely that one of the remaining main targets (Boyko or Ospina) is set to come in.

Contrary to an earlier report of ours, Denys Boyko did travel with his team Dnipro to Turkey yesterday and is currently taking part in their training camp, Douglas Silva however stayed behind in the Ukraine nursing an old injury.

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