Chinese interest in Ersan Gülüm continues

Updated: January 17, 2016

At the start of the season there was concrete interest for Beşiktaş defender Ersan Adem Gülüm from the Orient. Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, who already bought Demba Ba for € 13 million from the Black Eagles, made a concrete offer to sign Ersan for € 5,5 million.

Beşiktaş accepted the Chinese offer for Ersan in the Summer but the Turkish international, who also holds an Australian passport, did not aspire to a Chinese adventure and declined the lucrative 3 year € 3 million per season offer.

Shanghai and several other Chinese clubs have continued to follow Ersan’s performance these past six months and have once again expressed their interest in acquiring his services. Due to his Australian passport Ersan is a very interesting option for Chinese clubs, who are only allowed a limited amount of non-Asians in their squad. Because Australia is part of the Asian Football confederation (AFC), Ersan would not take up a spot as a non-AFC player, therefore making him quite valuable for possible Oriental suitors.

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş is not keen on letting Ersan go however, due to the midseason timing of the offer, and insists that an additional defender would be brought in if Ersan were to leave. With Beşiktaş already looking to bring in a goalkeeper and a central defender they would have to look for an additional central defender if Ersan were to be sold.


Source: NTV Spor


Opinion: I think the offer in the summer was quite good and it was right for Beşiktaş to accept it, however Ersan did not want to go and we should respect that decision. For the past six months he has surprised friend and foe by his solid performances and I think it would be a bad decision to let him go mid season while we’re in the mid of a title challenge. If he were to be sold now, the club should try to get a high fee for him. If the Chinese were willing to offer € 5,5 million in the summer they should offer atleast € 7,5 million now due to the timing. Otherwise he could always still be sold in the Summer for a lower amount. I also don’t think Ersan will want to leave now, they offered him a very good contract int he summer and he did not want to go then, now he is on track to win his first title with Beşiktaş, so it would strongly surprise me if he’d accept any offers now, unless they’re willing to offer him absolutely stupid amounts of money (~€ 6 million?).

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