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Updated: January 17, 2016

Beşiktaş reporter, Fırat Günayer (@firatgunayer) gave the latest on transfers:

  1. We said there was an agreement for Boyko and Douglas yesterday, but there was no official signature. There’s 3 reasons for this.
  2. The first reason is cause the Dnipro chairman can’t be reached because of the crisis in Ukraine. The second reason is the payment method and the third reason is due to the fact that Beşiktaş isn’t looking at this transfer as a double buy, but one by one. The fees that Dnipro have determined are weird.
  3. Dnipro want €3,000,000 for Boyko and €5,000,000 for Douglas. This made the board think about if they should only bring Boyko in.
  4. Ersan’s situation cleared up with the Chinese side’s chairman coming to Mersin today.
  5. There’s a €5,500,000 offer for Ersan. It looks like this offer could increase. Beşiktaş said that they’re not leaning towards accepting it, but they also didn’t shut the door on them completely.
  6. Beşiktaş doesn’t want to sell Ersan for sure before getting a center back. If a center back is to be brought in and Ersan gets sold, then another center back could be bought.
  7. They’re offering Ersan way more than what he is currently making at Beşiktaş and with a 3 year guaranteed contract.
  8. It’s true that Beşiktaş has found Douglas’ fee to be a bit too much, but they haven’t given up on him just yet. However, other center backs such as Sane, Papy, Zapata and another from Spain are still being left on the agenda
  9. Reaching an agreement with Dnipro is not as easy as reaching an agreement with another European club. They’re chairman, extra requests and payment methods are a problem.
  10. You might ask, if alternatives aren’t being looked at cause of Dnipro? They are. If Boyko doesn’t work out, the biggest candidate is Neto.
  11. Ryan isn’t going to come in. Cassio is out of the agenda. Arsenal won’t let Ospina go. There’s still no response from Sirigu.
  12. I predict that there will be more developments by Tuesday, but not for certain. We have to wait and see.
  13. A lot of questions are coming in. Is there a chance that there will be no transfers? We asked that to the most authorized person today at the match. He said that there’s no chance for that.
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