Bruce Zhou: “We want to see Ersan in our squad.”

Updated: January 18, 2016

Beşiktaş isn’t letting go of Ersan Adem Gülüm, who has attracted many interest from Chinese clubs. In the last transfer window, Ersan’s transfer to Chinese side, Shandong Luneng, didn’t go through and now Demba Ba’s team, Shanghai Shenhua, are after Ersan. Shanghai Shenhua’s chairman, Bruce Zhou, came to the Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium to watch Ersan in action against Mersin. Here’s his comments on Ersan:

“Ersan is a player who is loved and known in China.”

“Ersan is a very suitable player for us. Our team is getting ready for the new season at camp in Spain. Since we need a center back and Ersan has an Australian passport, he’s a player we want to see in our squad. Our coach wanted him. I came here to watch Beşiktaş’ match and Ersan with my own eyes. There’s still no agreement on the table yet. Besides, Beşiktaş doesn’t want to let him go in the middle of their championship race. I still want to watch him and see him for myself though. He’s also a player who Demba Ba recommended to us insistently. It’s being said that Ersan has a great character and that he’s the best player for our team. We don’t know what the coming days will bring. We didn’t come here just to buy a player from Beşiktaş though. We also want to have a partnership with Beşiktaş. We want to sign a protocol with them and host them in China. We also want to come here and have a friendly with them. We’re going to have a meeting with Fikret Orman and the board members in order to make this happen.”

Şenol Güneş also had something to say on Ersan’s situation:

“We’re not thinking about selling him.”

“Technically, you wouldn’t let go of a player who plays, but a player who doesn’t. You can create competition by bringing in another player next to the player you currently have who plays. However, the club has the right to sell every player. This is the board’s decision. Why did Atletico Madrid give Arda? They gave him economically and brought in other players. This is a plan. Let’s say we’ll do this today (sell Ersan), but without a plan, it’ll be a problem. We already play Ersan-Rhodolfo. We’re looking for another center back next to these two. If Ersan happens to go all of a sudden, it could be a problem. Not every team will sell their good players.”

Lastly, FIFA agent, Marco Kirdemir, made some comments as well:

“Shanghai Shenhua is also interested in another player.”

“There’s offers for Ersan. I brought in an offer from Fortuna to Beşiktaş, but it was rejected. Bruce Zhou met up with Ahmet Nur Çebi. He still hasn’t gotten a clear response. They’re also interested in another player from Beşiktaş, a midfielder. I can’t give a name.”



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