Denys Boyko expected in İstanbul tomorow, how much will he make?

Updated: January 19, 2016

While we’re still waiting for the official confirmation to the public disclosure platform (KAP), it is already being widely reported that Beşiktaş finally got their man and that man is Denys Boyko.

Earlier it was reported that Beşiktaş will pay a transfer fee between € 3,3 and 3,5 million while Denys Boyko will sign a 4,5 year contract.

Now some of his contract details have also been revealed by Haber1903, they state that Denys Boyko will maken € 900.000,00 in his first (half?) year of contract and € 1.000.000,00 in the following years. (they claim it’s a 5 year contract, but obviously it can’t be 5 years, either it’s 4,5 or 5,5 years)

In addition they also state that Denys Boyko, who is currently in Antalya with the Dnipro squad for their January training camp, will be in Istanbul tomorow at 12:40 (GMT+2).

A report to the public disclosure platform (KAP) will in all likelihood be issued tomorow morning.


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