Signing ceremony for new transfers

Updated: February 6, 2016

A signing ceremony was held for new transfers Alexis Delgado, Marcelo Guedes and Denys Boyko.

Fikret Orman

“Denys Boyko was a player we were interested in for a while now. He was nominated for the UEFA Team of the Year in 2015. He’ll be serving for the club for a long time. I welcome him.”

“Alexis Delgado was followed by our scout team. He’s a player who’s been successful in Spain. He experienced a championship. Hopefully he’ll become champions with us this season.”

“We’ve been interested in Marcelo Guedes for a long time. We wanted to add him to the squad at the start of the season but it didn’t happen. I believe that he’ll wear our jersey for a long time.”

“Aras Özbiliz is a young player. He’ll be joining us next season. He’s a forward who has high level qualities. He just recovered from injury. We found it suitable for him to play in Spain.”

“Alexander Milosevic will play in Germany. Milosevic is an important player for us. He’ll be with us next season.”

“Our players aren’t machines. Transfers don’t happen with us just thinking. We don’t look at things only financially. Serious offers came in from China for Ersan. Ersan also wanted to go. We didn’t want to sell Ersan. If we didn’t send Ersan and he was to get injured tomorrow, would the team not go out and play? We have very important center backs and a deep squad (response to fans who are saying if Ersan goes, so does the championship).”

“Şenol Güneş wanted Ersan to stay. There’s no problem with our coach. The board members and I represent Beşiktaş against the press and the responsibility is ours. Since Ersan wanted to go, we let him.”

“There’s no offers that came in to us for Sosa and Quaresma. Even if there was, we wouldn’t think about selling them. We’re only focused on the championship at the moment. Beşiktaş is a very big club and has very talented players. Therefore, offers can come in for every one of our players.”

“We’re being followed in China. We might have our summer camp in China.”

“We haven’t set an opening date for Vodafone Arena yet. When we do, we will announce it.”

” I thank Erdal Torunoğulları, who I worked with together on transfers. This job is a team job. We’re doing things together. I thank every board member for their work.”

Denys Boyko

“I’m very happy to be here. I hope I’ll see a championship here this season. Tolga is a very good goalkeeper and I respect this. I came here to play. There’s going to be competition between the keepers.”

Alexis Delgado

“I want to play well and become champions. I came here ready. I’m going to put together my best performance. Before I came here, I got good references about the team. I want to experience a championship.”

Marcelo Guedes

“I was welcomed very well here. I want to reach the highest level I can with Beşiktaş. I’m going to try and adapt as quick as I can with the team. I’m ready to play.”


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