Beşiktaş – Eskişehirspor post-match reactions

Updated: March 7, 2016

Şenol Güneş: “The quality difference totally reflected in the play. We played the first 15 minutes in a slow tempo. When we sped up and used the wings, we created chances. We gave chances away in the last 5 minutes of the game without our opponent even coming, that was our shortcoming. If we would have used other options with our passing, a bigger score could have been on the scoreboard. Every game is a final for us and 11 are left. We need to become a team that plays in a higher tempo and gives less chances to the opponent. Our opponent started with desire, but we broke their resistance. We are trying to do our best without making mistakes. We are a team. Quaresma’s injury isn’t looking serious right now. We are going to evaluate it after 2 days of rest. Gökhan was kicked during the cup game and was effected negatively as well.”

Ismail Köybaşı: “We were in control during 90% of the game. After the cup and Fenerbahçe games, this was a ‘snap out of it’ game. We showed the reaction of a big team. Games like this are important. We are happy that we won in front of our fans. We still have 3 games left until the national break and we are concentrated on these games. We are the favorites in the title race. We are looking at one game to another. If we become a team that gets applause even when they lose, we know we will never really lose. We fully believe.”

Oğuzhan Özyakup: “I had my 100th game in the league today. We started the game well, but the first 15 minutes were a bit slow. We were in control the whole game. We knew we would become more at ease after the first goal. It was nice that we scored 2 goals in the first half. We had chances in the second half. We played good football today. These 3 points are a boost after the Fenerbahçe game. I played 30 games with Samet Aybaba. We knew Eskisehir’s situation is difficult. I wish them luck. This was an important game for us. Thank god we won it. I’ve said the following before the winter break as well. We are being praised too much somtimes and we are being criticised too much at other times. We were criticised too much after the derby. We showed everyone what kind of team we are. The media should sometimes criticse themselves the way they criticise us. I believe in this community. I hope the end will be great.”

Mario Gómez: “We are happy that we won. We had a difficult and tense week, but we weren’t the source of this. This tension was created and we felt it too. We are still in pole-position in the league. We will become leaders if we win our postponed game. We only lost to Fenerbahçe away, but we got a lot of chances in the second half of that game. We could have won that game or gotten one point. The thing I don’t understand is why suddenly this tension was created. Besiktas hasn’t become champions in 7 years, but we want to this year. Expecting that we become champions with a 10 point gap is not realistic. We are doing what we can. I don’t understand Turkish anyhow, but I know some things are being written in the media and my teammates are being effected too. Attention should be paid to from which point the club came in 3-4 years time. Behaviour should be realistic and fair.”

Source: LigTV



Yusuf Paklaci

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