Beşiktaş – Antalyaspor post match reactions

Updated: March 20, 2016

Kerim Frei

“It was a tough match.”

“We played an important match. There was fatigue, but we fought well and overcame it.”

Andreas Beck

“We’re on a good run.”

“We played our third match in a week. This was a match in which we needed to go ahead. We managed to do this, but our pass percentage decreased later on. Both teams couldn’t create many chances. We’ve been doing well lately and got all 9 points from the last 3 matches.”

Necip Uysal

“We want to be the side that wins the cup at the end of the season.”

“We showed our strength. I congratulate my friends. I don’t have a problem playing alongside Marcelo. I’ll play everywhere. What’s important is the team. It’s not easy to return from Rize and Trabzon with 6 points.”

Şenol Güneş

“All of my players showed effort.”

“We’re going through an intense tempo. We’re not behind our opponents physically. We were slow in the first half of this match. We scored a nice goal through Oğuzhan. When we got what we wanted, we played under control. We could’ve scored a second goal. When the second goal didn’t come, the opponent got back into the match. Everybody tried their best.”


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