Ricardo Quaresma: “Beşiktaş is more difficult than Barcelona.”

Updated: April 10, 2016

Quaresma made some very interesting remarks during an interview with the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Below are his remarks listed in a nutshell.

“Playing for Beşiktaş is more difficult than playing for Barcelona.”

“I have worked really hard to show people what football is all about. Since I was eleven, I improved myself on aspects like dribbling, trivela, rabona, body feints and playing basic football. Porto and Sporting Lisbon have a different place in my heart. Beşiktaş however, is a lifestyle for me. Istanbul and Beşiktaş is like our family. I have played for Barcelona, Porto, Chelsea, Inter. However, playing at Beşiktaş is more difficult than playing for Barcelona. The reason for that is that in Spain a footballer’s technique is very important, however, in Turkey, the physical aspect is much more focused on.

“Our opponents have knocked us around quite a bit.”

“I really love professional boxing. Each round is played for three minutes. They have got a rest time of one minute. Boxing matches got 12 rounds. In football, there is a match which takes place for 34 weeks. From this day on, 7 rounds are left. We want to win our next games, and get off the ring peacefully. Our opponents have knocked us around quite a bit. Whoever gets in the ring risks everything. As Beşiktaş, we have fought like animals to this day. We will still do that. We are in the most important part of Beşiktaş’ history. Our board is building the stadium on one side, and on the other side they are working for our championship. They really work very hard.”

“I want to go back to the Arena with my goals.”

” I want to go back to the Arena with my my goals. I scored 2 goals against Manisaspor in the Inönü Stadium. I can’t forget that match. I can never forget the day I first signed for Beşiktaş in the Inönü Stadium. The world’s biggest fans went to the stadium to chant my name that day. Our 2-0 victory against Galatasaray is also one I can not forget. I didn’t score, however I played very well. That game is also really important to me. The first goal I scored for Beşiktaş was against Viktoria Plzen, with a trivela…”

“I have no problems with shirt numbers.”

“When I was eleven, I wore the shirt with number 10. Later they gave me number 7. I believe in luck when I wear number 7. My lucky number is number 7, however I have no problems at all with shirt number. Gökhan Töre is wearing number 7 for Beşiktaş, hence why I choose number 17.”

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