Gökhan Gönül issues public statement

Updated: June 16, 2016

Beşiktaş target Gökhan Gönül has issued a public statement following what he feels has been slandarous reporting on his current situation.

Gökhan Gönül is currently out of contract with Fenerbahçe, where he played for 9 seasons. After several weeks of vigorous negotiations, contract talks between Gökhan and his now former club broke down permanently. Fenerbahçe issued a statement with ‘their part of the story’ following the breakdown in talks and that was followed by heavy critisism from Fenerbahçe fans.

“In recent times my agent and myself have been the victims of slandarous, defamating, lies and false reports in order to hurt my reputation. These are conscious efforts on their part in order to create a negative perception of myself. You know as well as I do who these people are and why they are doing these things.

The fact that these ‘reports’ are being put out there at a time when I am serving my country is proof that these people only think of themselves.

Please don’t pay any attention to these hoaxes that have emerged and will continue to emerge.

-Gökhan Gönül




Source: Gökhan Gönül’s official Instagram

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