Fikret Orman adresses several transfer rumours

Updated: July 26, 2016

Beşiktaş club president Fikret Orman adressed several topics in a recent interview concerning new arrival Adriano Correia and several other transfer rumours and left the door wide open for a Mario Gómez return, should he reconsider his earlier decision not to return.

“Sosa can leave if he brings the money”

“Sosa is a player we love. Me and Ahmet Nur Çebi have met up with him and we have given our opinion. He looked positive during our meeting, but his actions become different because of his manager. He shouldn’t effect Besiktas negatively. What he is doing is not professional. He is going to start training in Istanbul and we are going to decide. We want him to come to his senses, I have told him that as well. If he leaves we will buy someone in his place. He can leave if he brings the money. He is hurting himself right now.”

“Adriano is an important player for our team”

“We are having difficulties with transfers because of the situation in Turkey and because of our financial situation. Gómez’ explanation was very clear. He said ‘I want to leave because of Turkey’s political situation’. Besiktas can’t buy a player before selling one. The people that don’t want to understand this don’t understand. I hope that with our latest transfer of Adriano people understand what we try to tell them. We have won an important player for our team. We have done a good job with our budget and it could have even been better if not for the situation in the country. Umut Güner and especially Ali Naibi played a huge part in his transfer. We are going to continue.”

“Mathieu is a player with a good career”

Orman about Mathieu: “Every time we target a player some other clubs with a grudge drive up the price or managers try to sell something with a value of 100 lira for 500 lira. Mathieu is a player with a well-known career. He has a contract of 1 year remaining with Barcelona. The transfer window continues until September 2. We bought Sosa during our game with Mersin Idman Yurdu. Our fans shouldn’t lose their hope.”

“Maybe Gómez will come now”

“I respect Gómez, but last year when he signed with us the same stuff was going on. He speaks about terror, but a bomb went off during the game between France and Germany. He gets married in Münich and another terrorist attack happens. This is fate. I don’t agree with what he says but you need to respect him. Maybe Mario will come in the future. We loved him very much. Maybe he will come now, but that is not the case at the moment. We did not make an offer for Eren Derdiyok. We asked ‘are they thinking about selling Eren or not?’. They asked for a written request and we made one.”

“Why shouldn’t Eto’o happen”

“We spoke with Eto’o before the transfer of Demba Ba, we wanted to transfer him then. He is a player who has proven himself and has done good things, but we have our own guideline. If he suits it, then why shouldn’t it happen. He has said himself that he wants to play at Besiktas. I would like to see a player like Eto’o at Besiktas but nothing has happened yet.”

“Arda is not on our agenda”

“Arda Turan is not on our agenda. He is an important player of our national team. These things might become more clear with the departure of Sosa, because they play in the same position. Sosa is an interesting person. He always does this at the start of the season and then continues.”

Source: Haber1903


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