Cenk Tosun: “I focus on my job.”

Updated: July 30, 2016

Cenk answered the media’s questions at the hotel, where the team is having their pre-season training camp.

“The Austria camp has been tiring.”

“It’s been tiresome, but we hope it’ll be worth it. We weren’t tired towards the end last season. The coach is pushing us and he’s doing it correctly. It’s normal for us to be tired right now. This is good fatigue. Hopefully nobody will get injured and we’ll return to Istanbul after our last friendly here.”

“Transfers are the board’s job.”

“I focus on my job and what I have to do. In my first season there was Demba Ba, and in my second season there was Gomez. Our president said there will be a striker transfer. May whoever is useful play.”

“The atmosphere in the team is still very nice.”

“There’s players who come and go in every team. Everybody can be replaced. One will go, another will come. If this squad stays together and good transfers are made, we’ll be champions again this season.”

Cenk also touched on the Champions League and said, “Some of the players in the team will play in the Champions League for the first time. Our aim is to do a good job in that competition as well.”

Source: NTV Spor

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