Şenol Güneş on Balotelli, Sosa, and Gomez

Updated: July 31, 2016

After the 3-0 friendly win against Eibar, Şenol Güneş spoke to the press and touched on recent developments.

“They asked me about Balotelli and I didn’t indicate a positive opinion.”

“I don’t have the authority to make a decision on Sosa. I told the board and president all of the technical information. I don’t want any of the players to leave. The board will make a final decision according to the conditions. Then players will be transferred accordingly. The board decides on their style. I would like to hold onto the players we have and send the ones who don’t play. We’re going to get the best results we can with the best possible squad in hand.”

“His football career will be finished.”

“Sosa should’ve at least been at the camp. I respect his decision, but he made a mistake. He had to come and practice. I also told this to him. He could leave or stay, I don’t know, but he had to take part in the training sessions. I would’ve expected him to play in the Champions League with this team, who he contributed to a lot. If he has his reasons for wanting to leave, he’ll sit down and talk with the board, but when I talked with the president, he said, “His football career will finish, but he will never leave like this.” I don’t know what happened after.”

“Hopefully Gomez won’t regret it.”

“Gomez didn’t regret coming here and I hope he won’t regret leaving.”

Source: NTV Spor

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