Metin Albayrak on Jose Sosa’s situation

Updated: August 8, 2016

With Milan being sold to China, Jose Sosa gained hope, but there has been no offical development between the clubs in the last two days and Sosa has started to lose hope.

The Argentine player, who has been making a big problem to the Beşiktaş board and technical staff concerning his departure for about 2 months, doesn’t have much left to do now.

With Milan wanting to transfer the 31 year old player, Sosa first didn’t take part in the training sessions and then got left out of the squad. Now Sosa has gone back to Spain again to find a solution to this situation.

It’s been learned that Sosa will meet up with his wife, who’s currently on vacation in Ibiza, and his agents for one last time and will take a new approach towards this situation.

In order to overcome this problem of his, Sosa will either have to convince his wife or will have to bring an offer from Milan of over €6,000,000. Sosa will do his best to clear up this uncertainty around his future.

Since it’s against the rules, Sosa isn’t in contacts with Milan officially and is following the transfer process via agents. Sosa will discuss the process with his agents thoroughly. On the other hand, the Argentine will try to convince his wife to come to Istanbul in the case of the transfer not happening.

Metin Albayrak: “Sosa has the right to apologize and join the team.”

The Beşiktaş board, who are following the developments concerning Sosa closely, are ready to forget everything, despite Sosa being left out the squad, if he apologizes.

Metin Albayrak came together privately with Sosa and forwarded the board and technical staff’s thoughts, “Sosa is our contracted player. If he apologizes and starts training, we won’t make it any harder than it currently is.”

Albayrak stated that Sosa is also sick of the current situation, “I came together with Sosa two days ago and talked about everything thoroughly. He is also really bored and sick of this process that he’s going through.”

Sosa also wants this process to come to an end as soon as possible. I said to Sosa, “Not only our team, there’s more than 100 foreign players in the league and none are using political events as a reason to leave. Turkey is good politically at the moment and it’s only going to get better. You can also ask this to the other foreign players on the team. We got Adriano from Barcelona in an over exaggerated environment like this.”

“I also gave Quaresma as an example to Sosa. I explained to him how big of a difference there is in the Quaresma from 4 years ago and the Quaresma now. He also had different views and thoughts back then, but look at him now. He’s the most loved and most hard working player on the team. In short, I told him, “This is Beşiktaş, the only big thing here is Beşiktaş.” I explained these to him. We agreed that it’s time to make a decision. If he is to go to Milan, he’s going to bring the money we want. If he is going to stay, he’s going to apologize to the technical staff and his teammates and start training.”

Source: DHA

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