Şenol Güneş and Tolga Zengin’s pre-match press conference

Updated: August 13, 2016

Coach, Şenol Güneş, and captain, Tolga Zengin, answered the media’s questions before the Super Cup final.

Şenol Güneş

“I wish for friendship to be the priority.”

“Our opponent is a strong team. They’re going to liven up the league. We’re a good team. We won a championship we deserved. We’re going through a period where friendship has to be the priority. I hope for a match where the friendship continues. We have players who left us. There’s players who have joined us. There’s 22 players in the squad. We’re lacking numerically. We’re going to play our first official game. The current squad has a philosophy. We won’t ever change this. Besides whoever is playing, we want to see what the game gives us. New players could be given a chance. We’re going through a period where we need to learn. Football doesn’t mean anything alone. There can’t be football without opponents. Football is knowing how beautiful football is. If the game is entertaining, everybody will be happy. I wish for a league without tension. We’re going to remember Süleyman Seba tomorrow.”

Tolga Zengin

“We want to start the season off by winning a cup.”

“It’s going to be a good match in a good atmosphere. Our goal is to win the Super Cup and start the season off on a good note. The opponent didn’t have a good season, but won a cup. They strengthened their squad. Hopefully we’ll win. Adriano and Gökhan are quality players. They’ll contribute a lot. Whoever plays at center back will do their best.”

Source: bjk.com.tr

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