Milan up their offer for José Sosa

Updated: August 14, 2016

Beşiktaş midfielder José Ernesto Sosa has been wanting to join AC Milan for over a month now but thusfar the Italian’s offer for his services was deemed insufficient by the Black Eagles.

José Sosa even went as far as trying to force a move over the past month by refusing to join the team during the preseason training sessions and their camp in Austria. Beşiktaş however showed Sosa some tough love and did not cave for his unprofessional behavior, with the result ultimately being that Sosa apologized to the board, coaching staff and his teammates this past week.

Despite that however the interest from AC Milan persists and Sosa is still very keen on the move. Beşiktaş had slapped an 8 million euro price tag on his head earlier but Milan was thusfar only willing to pay slightly north of 5 million euros, their first bid was even only half of what the Black Eagles were asking.

However Milan have now upped their offer significantly to 7,5 million euros and Beşiktaş have reportedly accepted. Milan want to spread the payment over 3 installments but Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman wants the transfer fee in a single payment.

It is expected that the transfer of José Sosa to AC Milan will be concluded in the coming days.


Source: Haber1903

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