Beşiktaş present all their Summer signings at Vodafone Arena!

Updated: September 2, 2016

Today a signing ceremony was held at Vodafone Arena for all 10 new transfers Beşiktaş made this window. The ceremony started with Fikret Orman making a statement about each new signing. Here is what the Beşiktaş president had to say:

About Vincent Aboubakar: “Welcome to our family. He was a transfer we wanted. He came on a loan now, but we have agreed with his club. We have a 4-year deal after his loan period. We wanted to transfer him this season, but we are going to make a deal after the FFP period. He suits the Beşiktaş family.”

About Utku Yuvakuran: “We have watched him many times and I believe he will defend the Besiktas goal in the future for a long period. He is still young and defending our goal is difficult. We are going to train him to defend it. I hope he will have good days at Beşiktaş.”

About Oğuzhan Aydoğan: “He is a player we bought with a lot of hope. We look at his transfer as a project. I believe he will become a starter for Beşiktaş. He came to a big club.”

About Gökhan Inler: “He is a very good Beşiktaş fan. I talked to him before he went to Leicester. I wanted to see him in a Besiktas jersey. He has a great character and is an experienced player. I believe he will contribute a lot to our team.”

About Caner Erkin: “We wanted him before. I have told him this earlier too, the black and white jersey suits him very well. Our fans are happy with him. We loaned him but have the option to buy him. We want him to end his career here.”

About Atınç Nukan: “When we went to Germany I told him ‘you will come back’. He played there for 1 year. That was very valuable for his development. He is our child, a very good Beşiktaş fan. I remember his sadness when he left the club.”

About Fabricio Ramírez: “We were busy with his transfer for a long time. He had an unlucky injury last season, we were interested in him before and we announced him very quickly this season. He has a great character and suits Beşiktaş. I welcome him to the family.”

About Anderson Talisca: “He will really contribute a lot to the team. We have loaned him for 2 seasons and he will contribute a lot to Beşiktaş in the Turkish league and in the Champions League. I believe his performance will be good in the match against his former team Benfica.”

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All 10 new Beşiktaş signings presented at the Vodafone Arena today

Then the ceremony continued with all players answering questions and making statements themselves. Here is what they had to say:

Utku Yuvakuran: “I will give everything I have, for Beşiktaş.”

Caner Erkin about his transfer from rival Fenerbahçe: “Transfers like these get exaggerated a lot in Turkey. European teams buy players from and sell players to each other all the time. We need to get used to this too. We are professional players, we need to give everything we have for the team we play for. I’m very happy to be here.”

Gökhan Inler about his trial at Beşiktaş at a very young age (he was rejected): “I was very young then and it made me very sad. I went down a different path and showed myself there, but Beşiktaş was always in my heart. That’s why I’m very happy now. I want to thank our president. Without him and our coach this transfer wouldn’t have happened. I will give everything I have for the club.”

Fabricio Ramírez: “I am a complete goalkeeper. I don’t have one speciality, but can do a lot of things. I try to improve myself each day.”

Vincent Aboubakar (when he is asked how many goals he will score): “I don’t want to give you a number of goals. Football is not an individual sport. The goal of the team is more important. We will do everything we can to help the team toward its goal. I don’t feel pressure. Our president made a lot of effort to make this transfer happen.”

Atınç Nukan: “This is my family. We became champions last season and I wasn’t in that squad. I hope I experience that this year. I hope we will become succesful in Europe. I improved myself a lot in Germany, there are a lot of differences there. They live with a system and you see that in their football. Turks are more emotional. I want to show what I have learned there.”

Anderson Talisca: “I’m turning over a new page. I am very happy. I promise that my teammates and I will work hard on all fronts.”

Oğuzhan Aydoğan: “I have been a Beşiktaş fan since I was little. I came to a team of champions and that isn’t going to be easy. I have things to learn from my teammates and coaches.”




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