Beşiktaş have submitted their UEFA squad list

Updated: September 2, 2016

Beşiktaş have submitted their squad list of 23 players to UEFA for the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League campaign.

Under normal circumstances a club is allowed to submit a 25 player list, but as part of the Financial Fair Play settlemant that Beşiktaş are under they are only allowed to submit a list 23 players.

Normally a list of 25 players needs to have atleast 4 homegrown (trained in the country) and 4 players trained at the club’s academy (from atleast the age of 15). However due to the Black Eagles being only allowed a 23 man squad list they only need 4+2 instead of 4+4 from either category.


Notable players not included: Aras Özbiliz, Ömer Şişmanoğlu, Veli Kavlak, Oğuzhan Aydoğan

Goalkeepers: Tolga Zengin – Fabricio Ramirez – Utku Yuvakuran

Defenders: Marcelo Guedes – Luiz Rhodolfo – Dusko Tosic – Atınç NukanGökhan Gönül -Andreas Beck – Caner Erkin – Adriano Correia

Midfielders: Atiba Hutchinson -Oğuzhan Özyakup – Tolgay Arslan – Gökhan İnler – Necip Uysal – Olcay Şahan – Ricardo Quaresma -Kerim Frei – Anderson Talisca

Strikers: Cenk Tosun – Vincent Aboubakar

*trained in Turkey
*trained at the club’s academy

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