Fikret Orman speaks out on recent developments

Updated: September 5, 2016

“Our goal was to protect our core squad.”

“We live together with the press. We’re a family. Hopefully it’ll be a good season. We went through a very tough transfer window. When you compare last season to this season, we started off by selling Demba Ba and Atınç. The money from their sales helped us out a lot. A budget was determined by both us and by the agreement with UEFA. This season our goal was to protect our core squad. We acted accordingly. We were only willing to let Töre leave. We gave Töre on loan to our old coach. We had a €3,000,000 budget in hand. There’s 3 clauses with UEFA. Firstly, we can only make transfers depending on how much we sell. The second is the team’s budget (wages, bonuses, etc.). The final one was we had to maintain a loss of under €20,000,000 and we managed that. We acted accordingly to these 3 things. After sending Töre on loan, there was a wait for Mario Gomez. In the end, we sold Sosa to Milan and completed our transfers. We told Sosa 3 solutions and he chose one. We sold him for the money we wanted. This is a champion club. Even if our fans want big names, getting too many players won’t be good. Some of our transfers are projects, some are for the starting lineup.”

The UEFA squad list

“When getting the UEFA list ready, there’s certain criterias. This is one of the reasons Atınç and Caner were brought in. Atınç can be used in the academy raised player section and Caner in the homegrown player section. Our list is normally 23, but Aras plays for a foreign National Team and Ömer was raised in Germany. If Ömer was to go out on loan and Mustafa was to stay, Mustafa could’ve been included. We can’t include Ömer. We’re going to play over 50 games. When you look at the squad that was put together, there’s a restraint like this in Europe. Aras is a great player. He’ll help us out a lot.”

“Milan gave €4,000,000 for Sosa at first.”

“Beşiktaş has a strategy and we act accordingly to that strategy. Milan first gave €4,000,000 for Sosa. We told them we won’t sell him. We waited and then they offered almost double that plus bonuses and we accepted. Although, there was only 14 days left in the transfer window after that. We focused mainly on the striker and center back.”

“If we were to transfer another foreign player instead of Atınç…”

“Last season’s champion center backs are still on the team. Rhodolfo has returned. That’s a positive. In conclusion, we decided to to transfer Atınç, Beşiktaş’ son and whom we can include in the UEFA list. If we were to transfer a foreign player instead of him, then we would’ve had to drop a striker or midfielder from the list. Both Tosic and Atınç can play as left center backs.”

“We were interested in Nasri.”

“It would be a lie if I were to say we weren’t interested in Nasri. He ended up going to another team.”

“Our coach is right.”

“Güneş is right. A coach would like to see his squad before going to a training camp. He’s right there. However, when we look at it from our perspective, we have to act accordingly to our principles. Transferring a player is the easiest job in the world. You don’t become champions by just making transfers. When we look at it from our perspective, we’re also right. Beşiktaş has more of an advantage from last season. We didn’t have a stadium last season. Our squad wasn’t very deep. We didn’t start off as champions last season. Now there’s all of these. If being a coach was easy, I would’ve done it. Our coach will do what’s necessary and get through this. Each side is looking at the picture from their perspective. Şenol Güneş is one of the most honorable coaches in Turkey and has a very strong character. We’re happy to be working with him.”

Will Torunoğulları return?

“I worked together with Torunoğulları last year. He speaks the truth. Torunoğulları is a good friend. I came together with him recently. He made a mistake, decided too quickly. He has trips concerning his own business. He can come back later and continue his job.”

“Aboubakar’s fee (permanent transfer) is €10,000,000”

“Aboubakar’s extension fee is €10,000,000. Caner’s is €1,000,000. The payment plan is in their contracts. Aboubakar is a player who’s had a market value of €35,000,000 before. Gökhan Gönül is our player. As is Inler, Adriano, Fabricio, Oğuzhan and Utku. Caner has an option to buy. He’ll show himself at Beşiktaş and we’ll use the option. We didn’t transfer Aboubakar permanently this year, but we’ll use his option next year. Talisca is a 2 year loan while Atınç is only a year loan. We brought in important players with an option to buy. Talisca was going to England for €25,000,000, but couldn’t because of his passport. Since June last year, Beşiktaş sold €37,500,000 worth in players. Since then, I’ve made it clear that only buying will not be made. Selling and buying will happen and we’ve been doing what we’ve been saying. Beşiktaş has a champion team. I think it’ll be tough for Aboubakar to get the go ahead against Cenk.”

“Oğuzhan got a €15,000,000 offer.”

“An offer of €15,000,000 came in for Oğuzhan. Oğuzhan developed very well. He’s Beşiktaş’ star player. We started this journey with the goal of protecting our squad. Serdar’s contract expired, Gökhan came. Ismail left, Adriano came. Caner came, Adriano can play on the wing from time to time. We’ve been using Tosic as both a left back and a center back. I believe that Oğuzhan will have a great career and develop himself even more. He’s going to prove himself in the Champions League this season. Oğuzhan is my son. We need to see the desire from the team that Oğuzhan is going to go to. We went to Aboubakar 3 times. First Ali Naibi, then me twice. We didn’t see a desire like that for Oğuzhan. They’re going to want Oğuzhan and show the desire we show. I won’t only look at Beşiktaş’ benefit here. I need to look at Oğuzhan’s too.”

“Everybody needs to protect their captain.”

“Tolga is the champion team’s goalkeeper and captain. He had a very successful season last year. They’re saying things abou Tolga. Everybody needs to protect their captain. I’m not a goalkeeper. However, our coach is one to Turkey’s legendary keepers. Are we going to teach our coach which goalkeeper to play? Everybody needs to respect our coach’s ideas. Our job is to support our team. Tolga made a mistake last season. Being a goalkeeper is a tough and ruthless job. This team’s captain is Tolga Zengin. He helped turn the Galatasaray match around last season with his halftime talk.”

“Boyko will come back.”

“Boyko is a very good goalkeeper. Since he didn’t go through a training camp halfway through last season, he came late and unfortunately his transfer finished off late. We loaned him out so he doesn’t lose confidence. His new coach is his old coach. We still have the same opinion on Boyko. He’ll come back.”

“Pektemek is playing at Başakşehir.”

“We didn’t loan out Mustafa last season and we didn’t play him. Now he’s playing and scoring goals. A proven Mustafa will always score goals. I’m very happy with Mustafa leaving considering he’ll come back.”

Eto’o statement

“I explained Beşiktaş’ stance here before. We do whatever we say. Eto’o is playing at another club right now. His career is obvious. Too many players in the team can have a negative effect. Eto’o transfer would’ve effected other players negatively. I think Cenk, who’s still relatively young, will do important stuff at Beşiktaş. The goal he scored last is very hard technically. Our expectations of him are high. I wish Eto’o happiness in his career.”

“We don’t a debt to our players.”

“We don’t have many loaned players. They’re on loan this year and they have options to buy. We received €12,000,000 from player sales this season and only used €6,000,000 of it. We have a budget in hand. There’s no such thing as a loan system for us. We act accordingly to the conditions. Look where we were and where we are now. Although, we’re not in a condition where we solved all of our problems yet. Our priority is to pay the player’s money on time. We don’t have a debt to them. When we first came, there was debts to players from 2 years ago. Now, it’s not like that. Whether they’re injured, fit, playing regularly or not playing, we pay everybody’s money on time.”

“If we lose, the players can’t win.”

“We changed the match bonus system. If we lose, the players shouldn’t win. We came from tough days. We’re starting to focus on basketball more too now. We brought in Ufuk Sarıca, who our club loves very much.”

“We could advance 1st or finish 3rd or 4th.”

“We drew a tough group. Can we advance as the leaders? We can, but we can also be 3rd or 4th. Our opponents are tough, but we’re not an easy opponent either. It’s not going to be easy for them at Vodafone Arena. We’re going to support the team as best as we can.”

“The figures that are being talked about for Gomez is €1,100,000.”

“Fiorentina appealed to pay our share of the Gomez transfer. We don’t want the money until we see the contract. Let’s see the contracts that were made first. The press in Germany said €7,000,000. Then, apparently there was a €14,000,000 offer from Wolfsburg at the start of the season. Now, they’re saying only €1,100,000. Let’s see the papers.”

“We’re going to freeze Veli’s contract.”

“Veli is a good kid. There’s pain in his arm. This has been continuing since we extended his contract. We want to benefit from our player. Even if he’s injured, he’s on the list and we pay him. He told us he wants surgery again. We talked with him. We wanted to freeze his contract during his surgery. We said to him, “After the surgery, let’s extend for the amount of time it’s been frozen.” We’re not paying from our own pockets. An injury can’t go on for one and a half year. Who’s fault is this? I’m not saying it’s Veli’s fault. There’s a self-explanatory situation. We want to see Veli on the pitch. We talked with Veli’s family. First they weren’t leaning towards it, but now we share the same opinion. We’re going to freeze his contract for a little bit, then he’s going to have surgery and return to the team. When Veli first came, there was Ernst and he still played regularly. A healthy and fit Veli can always play.”

“If we had the chance, we’d sell 80,000 season tickets.”

“Beşiktaş sold over 32,000 season tickets. If we had the chance tomorrow, we’d sell 80,000. I thank our fans. When we sell season tickets and match tickets, it’s not only about making money. We want the stadium to be full. We sold the season ticket, but they won’t come to the match. We didn’t sell the season ticket for money. We sold it for the stadium to be full. A reason we made the stadium with this atmosphere is so that we could get the fan’s strength on our back. Any bad event that takes place in this stadium effects Beşiktaş negatively. This isn’t a theater hall. They’re going to scream and cheer.”

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