Fikret Orman adresses rumours on Aboubakar, Mario Gómez and more

Updated: October 4, 2016

After visiting Arnavutkoy’s Mayor Ahmet Hasim Baltaci in his office, Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman went to the opening ceremony of Arnavutkoy’s Beşiktaş Union.Orman gave a short speech at the opening ceremony and thanked them for their support to Beşiktaş

“I will not allow a parallel structure in Beşiktaş”

After the cancellation by the court regarding Yalçin Karadeniz’s position within the Divan Kurulu (council board), Orman responded to the controversy, “I will not allow a parallel structure in Beşiktaş”. He also responded to Aboubakar’s current form and said the biggest problem is that the adaptation period is taking longer than expected due to language barriers.

Beşiktaş Chairman Fikret Orman’s statement reads as follows:

“We are the strongest candidate for the championship.”

“We are at the very beginning of the league season. The enthusiasm of our fans is not championship-related, overall the Beşiktaş community is tightened together and the team and board management is also in a close relationship. It is too early to speak about another championship. Last year we had the loss against Trabzonspor (on matchday 2) and when we look at the points gathered we have done better so far this season. We have a strong squad. We had to make too many transfers this year. Personally I don’t think more than 5 transfers is appropriate under regular circumstances but with the Champions League we had to make some additional moves. The international break will do us good. We are the strongest candidate for championship and we are in a great position for going through to the next round of the Champions League.”

“We have to stop forcing away fans to watch the game behind a cage.”

“Football is great with fans. Mutual competition is a pleasant thing. If we had played a UEFA or Champions League game against Galatasaray both fans would take their places in the stadium, which should also be the case in our own domestic league. We have to stop forcing away fans to watch the game behind a cage. We need to watch games in a civilized way like in England. The formula for this is simple. Clubs can sell the tickets to the fans of their preference because the penalty that comes from these situations goes to the club. It can be controlled. This is not a theatre, this is a sport event in which people are going to jump, scream, tease but it should not be terrorized.”

“Aboubakar discussions are unnecessary”

“Aboubakar discussions are unnecessary. Aboubakar has proven himself. We didn’t get him only on loan; we got him to extend his contract. Aboubakar is the only player speaking French in a team that speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. We will support him. He is a young but well established player, we believe he will provide important things for the team.”

“The productivity we have on the pitch does not happen elsewhere”

“I’ll talk about the Mario Gómez discussions before you ask. We have 3 morem onths left before we enter the next transfer window. During this period there are league games, Champions League games and Turkish cup games. We will play these games with our current squad and since we cannot change anything there is no need to talk about something that cannot happen at this time. During this period Aboubakar can score goals and his performance can be great and it would be different. It’s not the right place or time to speak about this. Gómez and our fans have a different relationship. The productivity that Beşiktaş  puts on the pitch does not appear elsewhere in Turkey. Guti was Real Madrid’s captain but he misses Beşiktaş. We wish the best for players who have left us. Gómez did spectacular things for us. Sosa left with making Beşiktaş money.”

“We won’t be fourth in Champions league”

The Champions League is a difficult stage. There is a more important profit margin in this league. After the draw I said we could finish 1st 2nd or 3rd but not 4th. We are proving that we are not easy to beat. Once the teamwork starts flowing we will be much better. The fans are behind the team as well. We will get better.”

“Once things start going well in Beşiktaş people try to sow discord”

Lastly Fikret Orman spoke about the controversy of fans not having enough enthusiasm in Vodafone Arena. “Once things start going well at Beşiktaş people try to sow discord. Last year we had 3 games in Vodafone Arena before the championship. Bursa – Kayseri – Osmanlispor. The fans were great in those games but not today(?), is this possible? Once we start moving forward, something happens. It’s either within the team or board or other things. No. Nothing is going wrong within Beşiktaş. There is no problem between the team and the board or the fans. We are on the right path and we will not let anyone get in our way. The board nor the fans would let this happen.”


Source: DHA

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