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Updated: July 26, 2014

Biliç insists On Gökhan Töre.

Slaven Biliç’s insistence for Gökhan Töre doesn’t end.

Biliç has stated that the transfer for the national player is needed in every press conference he organized and he emphasized the same topic to Ahmet Nur Çebi in the latest meeting.

Biliç specified that they’re playing the same system since last year and said,”The key elements in this system is a right and left winger. Olcay stays in his spot but since Gökhan isn’t at his spot, this causes me to change the system. It is hard to due this now because it would need some serious time. This is why we have to transfer Gökhan Töre. I want to see him in my squad. It’s very important. Gökhan, Gökhan, Gökhan…”

However, Gökhan wants high wages knowing that Biliç is insisting on him and this is putting the board in a very difficult position. The board members think that the experienced coach can play Kerim Frei in place of Gökhan Töre.

In fact, president Fikret Orman said during the Mainz game, ”It’s meaningful that Kerim is playing since we’re investing for the future. I don’t get why the coach doesn’t give Kerim a task and always wants to play another player instead of him. Whereas, a footballer develops by playing, not by sitting.”

”We can not give money that is outside of our plan. We will specify who gets what. If we see that we paid little for his performance, we will give a raise.”

3 candidates for the number 10 position. 

Beşiktaş is aiming to set up an ambitious squad. They’re trying to find the best option for the number 10 position who will feed Demba Ba up front. Even though the managers offer a different name every day, Beşiktaş have their eyes on 3 names. The president has announced the name that is closest to Beşiktaş.

Orman confirmed that they’re in talks with the player and Demba Ba announced that Marin called him as well. In the news that Daily Mail made, Fikret Orman said,” We’re in talks with Marin. He is one of the players that we want to get. If we can’t get him, we have 2 other solid candidates. We’re in contact with them.” The German footballer joined Chelsea in 2012 from Werder Bremen and spent last season on loan at Sevilla where he experienced a UEFA Europa League championship. The 25 year old player, draws attentipn with his offensive skills in the midfield.

Another name that was presented for the number 10 position is the player who was left out of the squad by Manchester United’s coach, Louis Van Gaal, Shinji Kagawa. The Japanese player’s Turkish descent manager, Murat Çakın, stated that United would be able to loan Kagawa to Beşiktaş, if they could cover his annual salary which is £3,840,000. 

On the other hand, Fulham want €8,000,000 for the Costa Rican playmaker, Bryan Ruiz, who has a market value of €13,000,000. Beşiktaş is ready to use the €5,000,000 budget that they were going to use on Lanzini for Ruiz, but Fulham isn’t taking any steps back. Due to this reason, this transfer that Biliç wanted a lot, isn’t looking very likely to happen permanently.

Craze for Sergen Yalçın.

There have been many names that were thrown out there after Önder Özen’s resignation from the director of football seat and the Beşiktaş fans have shown their opinion on this topic.

Beşiktaş fans have come together on the site, karakartal, and have expressed their opinion in a survey which is still continuing. 51,153 fans have participated in the survey so far and %38.4 thought that legend, Sergen Yalçın, was the most appropriate name for the position.

The fans also voted on other names as well. %16.4 for unforgettable forward, Metin Tekin, %15.5 for the person who was the manager during Beşiktaş’ 100th year,Sinan Engin, %14.7 for the Spanish star, Guti Hernandez and %10.6 for Ilhan Mansız.

The name that was given the least amount of votes was Ibrahim Üzülmez who only had %4.4 percentage of the votes.


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