“We love and support Aboubakar.”

Updated: October 19, 2016

One of the key players in today’s victory, Tolgay Arslan, talked to the press after the game.

“We fought very hard. I think we deserved this win. We played like a team. That was very important to us. However, we have made some silly mistakes in the first half. Napoli was putting in some big pressure. They wanted to revenge themselves from the loss against Roma. We were in control in the second half. We conceded two penalties, but that did not stop us from winning this game.”

“I have no good insight in the given penalties, however I can assure you that the first call was not just. However, nothing could be done about it, since the decision was already made. We need to analyze our mistakes. That doesn’t change our good and sharp display on the field though.”

“These two goals were very important for Vincent. We love him and support him. He has entered a great family and he knows that too. He had some luck going with him, but he needed this very much. Everyone has played well today. I want to congratulate all my teammates.”

Source: www.sporx.com

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