Beşiktaş-Napoli pre-match press conference

Updated: November 1, 2016

Prior to the Beşiktaş-Napoli clash in Group B of the UEFA Champions League, Beşiktaş boss Şenol Güneş attended the pre-match press conference and made the following statements.

“Winning would give us a major advantage”

“There’s three matches left in the group stages, two of them are home games for us. Both will be difficult games.We’ve managed to score goals in all 3 our games so far and came close to winning our first two matches before getting the result we wanted in our third fixture. But it was very difficult to win the third match. Napoli is one of the teams in our group who plays the most positive/attractive football. They’re a quality opponent both at their own ground aswell as on the road. Whatever happens they don’t change their philosophy and approach every match with the same mentality, they’ll always try to play attacking football. They approach football int he right way, it an away game for them yes but we’re also missing some key players. We have to be alert, this will be a very tough game. But we’re very aware of how difficult this match will be. It’s always a sad thing to have to lose players due to injury. Aras won’t be with us for a while and we’re still waiting to see how Necip’s situation evolves. Gökhan İnler, Oğuzhan and Atiba are all back in training. We had to do without Gökhan İnler and Oğuzhan for quite some time. Sunday they did a normal workout. Atiba’s situation is very much improved compared to last week. We’ll approach the match the same way as before, we want to play in a similar way, play good football and get 3 points.

Change is constant in football, there are no guarantees. Injuries and form are unpredictable. We want to use all our players in the best way possible, we try to field our strongest possible eleven according to our opponents strengths and weaknesses.

We tried to control the match in Benfica, against Dynamo Kyiv we did the same as long as we had the lead but they became more dangerous after they scored. We have to think both defensively and offensively, those two aspects go hand-in-hand. Napoli made some unexpected errors at the back, but like in the first game they’ll attempt to control the match.

Gökhan İnler broke a bone in his foot against Akhisar. Both Oğuzhan and Gökhan played in some matches with pain, that’s why they got injured. But there’s always risk for injuries, the only way to have no risk is to not play them.

Atiba didn’t have any physicical injuries, he was just ill. Oğuzhan and Gökhan have trained at 100% in recent days, I’m not sure what impact it will have. In our last game we only had one midfielder left from a total six. Oğuzhan and Gökhan have shown positive things in training, they’re both quality players but we’ll have to wait and see how they perform on the pitch in a competitive atmosphere.

I can not give you any guarantees in how this group will end shaping up. If we win we have a huge advantage, and winning is our goal in this match. Napoli are currently still ahead of us. We dropped two precious points against Dynamo Kyiv which we really regret. Winning could see us move away from our opponents and give us the edge in this group.”

Adriano Correia, who scored the opening goal in Napoli, attended the press-conference as representative of the squad and had the following things to say.


“We want to win with the support of our fans”

“It will be a very difficult game, we’ve lost some key players (to injury). Whoever our coach decides to start will have a big responsibility. We have to give it our full 100% on the pitch. Our goal is to win this match and improve our position in the group moving on to the next game.

It had been quite some time since I played in the attack and it was nice to score a goal when I did. Napoli will come here for 3 points, they’ll be dead set on winning. We are going to do our best to keep the points at home. With the support of our fans we want to leave this match with a win.

Losing Caner to such an injury was a big blow for us, both offensively aswell as defensively he was a big contributor. So now it falls to Tosic and myself to provide cover in the remaining matches. We’ll work very hard to do so to the best of our ability.”



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