Beşiktaş offering Güneş a new contract!

Updated: November 17, 2016

The Beşiktaş board has set its focus on the extension of coach Güneş and rising star Tolgay Arslan. The Turkish-German midfielder has attracted interest from many European sides. Knowing this, the board wants to extend his contract.

Another important man at the club that has the board’s attention is Senol Güneş. The Turkish manager is doing very successfully at the Black Eagles and is currently unbeaten for 14 games in a row. It is expected that the board will offer a better contract in the winter break.

On the long-term

After arriving in Istanbul more than a year ago from Bursa, the Turkish manager won the championship. Under Güneş, Beşiktaş have also been displaying some great football. However, his contract is running out at the end of the season and the board intends to extend this. It is expected that Fikret Orman is willing to offer Güneş a new 3-year deal.

Güneş is the only one responsible

Since arriving at the club, Güneş has had many impacts on many aspects. First of all, he made sure that the accommodation was changed to a proper level. All of this to build up a greater team chemistry. The board was very fond of this behaviour and it is expected that Güneş will get full control over the the football aspect of the club in his new contract.

Tolgay will get an extension offer too

In the winter break, midfielder Tolgay Arslan will get an offer too from the club. However, the club knows that there is a lot of interest for the 26-year old and it is expected that a big clause will be put in the contract as well.

Source: Yeni Safak

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