Beşiktaş – İstanbul Başakşehir post match reactions

Updated: November 26, 2016


“There were some signs of fatigue.”

“We played a tough match against a good team today. There were some signs of fatigue in the 2nd half. There was fatigue from the last Champions League match. We felt it today, especially in the 2nd half. We’re leaving here with a draw. We can’t say it’s either good or bad. The match was out there for anybody to win. I’m getting used to the team more with time. My communication with my teammates is better.”


“We could’ve scored the second goal.”

“I say it’s a point that we won. Başakşehir came here winning a lot of their matches and they’re one of the title contenders. We didn’t score a second goal, but we could’ve. Therefore, since we couldn’t, I can say it’s a point we won. Playing in front of our great fans in this stadium is a big pleasure. Besides the fans, my family also supports me and gives me strength.”

Şenol Güneş

“We wanted to win and become the leaders.”

“We played Başakşehir, who plays as a team, plays aggressive, closes passing lanes, attacks quickly, and plays good defense. We wanted to win. We need to be more dynamic, aggressive, and quicker against teams who defend and attack quick. We weren’t there both physically and mentally. Especially in the first part of the game, we were bad. Despite all of these, my players fought until the end. I think there’s a general fatigue in the team. Losing 2 points at home is upsetting. We were hoping to win and become leaders. We were out there with that goal. I can’t say anything to the players because they tried their best. We’re playing tough games in both the league and Champions League back to back. Physical and mental fatigue is unavoidable. Even I feel fatigue on the sideline. The team tried their best. Since we weren’t able to play our game, the opponent was better than us.”


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