Kerim Frei joins Birmingham City

Updated: January 20, 2017

Beşiktaş have announced that they have sold off 22 year old winger Kerim Frei to English Championship side Birmingham City.

The Black Eagles have made an official announcement regarding the financial details of the transfer to the public disclosure platform (KAP) and have also issued a public statement thanking Kerim Frei for his services to the club.

Beşiktaş will receive an initial fee of 2 million 250 thousand euros, once Kerim Frei plays a total of 20 matches for his new club they will pay an additional 250 thousand euros to the Black Eagles.

In addition should Birmingham City achieve promotion in the coming years while Kerim Frei is still under contract with them they’ll have to pay an addition 500 thousand euros.

If subsequently Birmingham City manage to retain their position in the league the following season without going back down, they will have to pay an additional 500 thousand euro bonus.

The potential total earning of this transfer therefore add up to 3,5 million euros.

“Kerim Frei’ın transferi konusunda Birmingham City ile anlaşmaya varılmıştır.

Sözleşme fesih bedeli olarak Birmingham City tarafından Şirketimize 2.250.000 Avro ödenecektir.

Oyuncunun sözleşmesi boyunca;

Birmingham City bir üst lige çıkarsa 500.000 Avro
Birmingham City yükseldiği ligde kalırsa 500.000 Avro
Birmingham City’de oynayacağı 20.maçtan sonra 250.000 Avro tarafımıza ödenecektir.’’

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