Alanyaspor – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: January 23, 2017


“We’re happy to be the leaders.”

“We’re happy, but there’s still a lot of matches ahead of us. It was important to play well and win tonight. If we continue to play as a team and be a team, we can continue our form. I didn’t experience any problems with our coach. Our coach is very experienced. He understands the player. I want to work with him for a long time here at Beşiktaş. He’s an individual we always take example of both as a person and as a coach. Our coach is our all. There’s no problem between us and there never will be.”


“A win was very important for us.”

“We’re happy that we got the 3 points. I’d like to congratulate my teammates, they worked very hard. We deserved to win today. In the penalty we conceded, I made contact with the ball and reacted the way I did because it was the wrong call. Sometimes the referees make correct calls, sometimes they make the wrong calls. I don’t think it was a penalty. There’s not much more to say”


“I want to continue my goals.”

“It was important for us to win on the road. It was a tough match, like most away matches. We’re now leaders with this win. We have Konya coming up next week. That match is also going to be tough. We want to continue our form. I work together with our assistant coach, Miguel, after practices. We work on headers a lot. I’m happy that I could help the team out.”

Şenol Güneş

“We should’ve created more chances”

“When you look at the score, the points we got are important. We had problems on the pitch. We were the favorites on paper and we won. However, at 4-1, we didn’t do what we did when it was 0-0. We should’ve had more chances and we should’ve given the opponent less chances. We need to fix that. There’s more tough matches after this. We’re going to play a tough match with both Konyaspor and Karabük. If we can win both, we can think positively. Ömer wasn’t ready. He wasn’t fit physically in the last match. I want to play him against Kayseri. I pushed Talisca forward and we played without a striker. Since the score was 1-0, I tried this. Cenk had a waist spazm. It happened at the beginning of the match and got worse after the goal. The same thing happened in the last match too. We took him out for precautionary purposes. He’s not comfortable now. I get sad when the referees put themselves in a tough position after making mistakes. Our instant reactions towards them should be less harsh. With the penalty, suddenly the balance of the match shifted. There was also no penalty and card given last week. I hope it doesn’t continue like this. I don’t talk about transfers. I don’t talk about it at all. Whatever is being written isn’t true. I’m not talking. I only talk to the board, not the media.”


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