Beşiktaş – Beer Sheva post match reactions

Updated: February 24, 2017


“We’re happy to advance.”

“I’m very happy. We were the dominant side in both matches. My teammates worked hard. We’re playing tough matches. Every opponent is tough. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid also give away chances. Some matches you’ll give away little chances, some matches more. This is normal. We’re going to work everyday to enjoy this city and club.”


“We want to go as far as we can in Europe.”

“My goal was good, but the goalie was unlucky. It went through his legs, but I hit it hard. We worked hard to advance to the last 16. We need to continue working hard. I congratulate my teammates. I work hard in practice and feel good about myself. This shows in the matches. Hopefully it’ll continue. We’ve come this far. We want to finish it off well. Both the league and Europe are important, but just like the coach said, the league is the priority. We want to became champions and get the 3rd star. Whoever comes from the draw tomorrow, we want to advance to the quarter finals.”


“We won both matches playing well.”

“It was our goal to win both matches playing well and we succeeded. As a club, we’re very happy. With the help of my friends, I’m having a very good season. As a matter of fact, I can say it’s great. When you compare it with my time at Benfica, you can see I’m more confident in myself. This is thanks to my coach. He played a big part in my transfer here. With his instructions, I try to do my best.”


“We got an important win.”

“The most important thing was to advance, but the win along with it was important. It increased our confidence. We’re going to play an important derby against Galatasaray Monday. We’re going there with high confidence. I really want to contribute to Beşiktaş a lot. The most important goal for me is to experience a title with Beşiktaş. Tolga is really an important person. He’s very valuable. He’s one of the most experienced players on the team. He has a very positive effect mentally towards the team. He’s very friendly and sincere. He cares about every teammate. I wanted to open another parentheses for him. He has a very valuable and important spot for me.”

Şenol Güneş

“Every team in Europe is strong.”

“First of all, we wanted to advance with good results from both matches and we succeeded. We also played well. After the advantage from the first leg, we went ahead with the first goal here. However, we had a tough time at times, but overall, we did a good job. My players did their best and strived to win. We had some unnecesary errors and the opponent wanted to force errors by pressing. Therefore, we gave away chances, but also created chances. It was a tough match for us. In the end, we won. It was an entertaining match for the viewers. There was a lot of chances. The opponent had nothing to lose. They’re also a team who plays well on the road. All of the potential upcoming opponents are strong, but we can’t think about this now. We have a league match ahead of us. We need to go step by step.”


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