Şenol Güneş to remain at Beşiktaş!

Updated: May 30, 2017

Speculation surrounding the future of Şenol Güneş have been running rampant in recent weeks, with his name even being brought up in regard to the Turkish national team.

Following Şenol Güneş’ press conference earlier today, Beşiktaş have sent a clear sign by annoucning that they have used the option in their coach’s contract to extend it by one year. This has been reported to the public disclosure platform (KAP).

Şenol Güneş also spoke about his future during his press conference today, stating the following:

“I am very happy at Beşiktaş, if the board wants me to stay, I’ll stay. If they want me to leave, I’ll still stay!” he continued “Whether it’s one more year or five more years, it’s up to the board. We just haven’t had the chance to sit down and talk about it yet”.

This ends speculations about a possible return to Trabzonspor, the national team of Turkey and even the national team of South Korea.


Source: bjk.com.tr and NTV Spor

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