Either Belhanda or Bryan Ruiz!

Updated: August 1, 2014

As we reported yesterday, Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman met with Dynamo Kiev’s president Ihor Surkis in France according to a Haber1903 exclusive report.

No transfer fee was discussed at this meeting but Beşiktaş did enquire about acquiring Dynamo Kiev’s 24-year old Moroccon playmaker Younés Belhanda.

Belhanda is reportedly keen on leaving the Ukraine due to the political unrest, reports say that Dynamo Kiev president Ihor Surkis looked willing to sell the player if a serious offer was made.

Beşiktaş are now awaiting news from Dynamo Kiev before deciding their next move, if the Black Eagles fail to reach an agreement with Dynamo Kiev they will turn once again to Fulham FC’s 28-year old Costa Rican playmaker Bryan Ruiz, who Fulham are reportedly asking close to € 5.000.000 for.


(NTV Spor)


Note: Dynamo Kiev paid over €10.000.000 for Belhanda just last year, I see very little possibility in this transfer coming to fluition. Beşiktaş will likely not be able to spend more than €6.000.000 on this transfer so a deal with Dynamo Kiev looks far off, unless Kiev is willing to accept a payment in multiple installments spread over several years (like Chelsea did with Demba Ba’s transfer). Bryan Ruiz looks like the most realistic candidate at the moment, while I think he’s a fine player I do hope that we can manage to get his price down to around € 4.000.000, he’s turning 29 soon and I don’t think we should be spending so much money on players who are nearing 30. Demba Ba being an exception also because he’s a proven Premier League goalscorer, while Ruiz didn’t exactly live up to expectations in the Premier League. If you’d ask me to place a bet on who our new number 10 will become, I’d likely put my money on Bryan Ruiz, not my entire savings account though.

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