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Updated: June 24, 2017

Yesterday it was revealed that player agent Ahmet Bulut is negotiating on behalf of Beşiktaş with Pepe’s representatives in Lisbon.

Ahmet Bulut is the man who had a great part in several big signings in the past years, including the signing of Mario Gómez. He was quoted to saying “Some big clubs are interested in Pepe, but Beşiktaş have a great chance to sign the player”.

Pepe has been closely linked with a move to Paris St.-Germain over the past two months after it became clear that his Real Madrid deal would not be extended, in fact rumours circulated that he had already signed for PSG just before the Champions League final in Cardiff last month.

However, it seems that that last part atleast isn’t correct. PSG’s interest however definitely is concrete, but Pepe might not be so keen on the move afterall. The Portuguese International wants to go to a club for which he’ll be considered a starter, with the presence of Thiago Silva and Marquinhos that is far from a certainty at PSG. This could give Beşiktaş an edge in the negotiations.

Another club which Pepe has been closely linked with is Inter Milan, but Pepe is said to only want to sign for a club who will be in the Champions League next season, again that could give the edge to Beşiktaş.

While at first glance a Pepe move to Beşiktaş seems extremely unlikely, as the defender is still widely considered to be one of the best central defenders in the world today, his personal demands in terms of position within the team and Champions League football could give Beşiktaş more of a chance than some people think.

BeIN Sports report that Pepe is quite keen on the possibility of moving to Beşiktaş and has already had several conversations with Beşiktaş talisman Ricardo Quaresma while in Russia for the Confederations cup, in order for him to make an informed decision.

NTV Spor have reported that Pepe’s camp have asked for a €5m per year wage in addition to a signing bonus. They claim that Beşiktaş are only willing to offer him a wage up to €3,5m per year without a signing bonus but rather want to offer Pepe performance related bonusses, for example for winning the league and doing well in Europe.

An interesting detail: this is similar to the contract Mario Gómez was under, he had a guaranteed wage of €3,5m but with bonusses after a successful season in which Beşiktaş won the league, he ended up earning close to €6,5m for that one season.

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