First interview with Jeremain Lens on BJK TV

Updated: August 7, 2017

Following the completion of his loan move to Beşiktaş, Jeremain Lens gave an exclusive interivew to BJK TV. Below is the transcript of that interview.

“First of all I’m happy that I’m now a player of Beşiktaş, people will write all sort of things about me but for me all that’s important are my own dreams and one of my dreams was to play for Beşiktaş. I’m happy everything is over now.”

– This Summer in this transfer window our communication department created a special motto “Come to Beşiktaş”, how did it feel when they created your special video announcement?

“It was a special moment, I never did something like that before. It was good to do, I had a call from one of my teammates, answered the phone and said that I wanted to come to Beşiktaş. Finally everything happened now.”

– Are you going to call someone else? Are you ready?

“I’m ready, I’m ready. If I need to call someone I will call them!”

– As you’re saying in your special video, made by your own people. Expectations are quite high, the stakes are high. You know the Turkish league very well, what do you want to say about your expectations?

“I think the expectations will always be higher at a club like Beşiktaş. We’ll play Champions League, they’ve been champions twice in a row so they’ll want to win it again and I want to be involved in that success. I know the Turkish league, it’s a good league and I think I can show my quality in this league and that is also one of the reasons that I came to Beşiktaş. I hope for myself all the best and I will try to do as good as possible.”

– Here in Beşiktaş we have top quality wingers like Babel, Quaresma and young Orkan. Last season you made a very good number of assists in your former club. How will the competition be on the wings?

“Quality of players is important in the team, if you have like competitions between good players it’s good for the player himself because you want to show the best of yourself which brings you to a higher level and leads to the best results. For me the competition is good, I will enjoy my time here and in the end the manager decides who is going to play. But it doesn’t matter who plays, we’ll all try to do our best and the results are the most important thing.”

– Last season you played here with your previous club, you know how the atmposphere is at Vodafone Park. Last season there was a very special case, we are very sorry for your loss, you lost your father and the next day you had to play a game. There was a very special communication, a very special relantionship with you and Beşiktaş fans in that period. What would you like to say about that?

“First of all I’d like to thank everyone that supported me, we mentioned Beşiktaş fans but also the Fenerbahçe fans. I remember I played against Alanya I think and even then some players and fans came to me and felt sorry for me. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me in that difficult period and I’m very happy that Turkey has such beautiful period.”

– You know Turkish culture very well, life here in Turkey, in Istanbul. What is your favourite Turkish food?

“Last year I didn’t try a lot of Turkish food but in general Turkish food is good, I went to some restaurants with Kebab, Köfte, things like this. The way they prepare it is good, I like it, you have like special places in Turkey. I can’t remember exactly but in Izmir they have specialities to make certain dishes and they do so in other places. I really like the food and the culture.”

– What do you prefer? Scoring or giving an assist?

“Both are most important, because you can help the team with a goal or an assist. For me it’s.. if I’m in a better position then someone else I hope he’ll pass the bal to me so I can score and if he is in a better position I will pass the ball so he can score. For me it’s not that important if I or someone else scores, as long as I can be important for the team, that’s what is most important.”

– You’re a great fan of motorcycles, ar eyou going to the training ground with your motorcycle?

“No, I’m not going to drive my bike in Turkey. I’ve seen the traffic here and I think it’s a bit dangerous to drive on a motorcycle in Turkey.”

– If we win the title this season, we can make a short tour here

“Yes, I will join that one!”

– Are you excited to play int he Champions League with such big names her ein Besiktas this season?

“Yes of course, I’ve played in the Champions League already but that is a long time ago. I’ve played in the Europa League, World Cup and different games but at club level the Champions League is the highest level as possible. With Beşiktaş I think we have a good squad with good players and I’m really going to enjoy playing the Champions League with those players.”


Source: BJK TV


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