Beşiktaş – RB Leipzig Pre-Match Press Conference

Updated: September 26, 2017

At tuesday night, Şenol Güneş’ men will take on the German side RB Leipzig on Match Day #2 of the Champions League. After the dream start to the group stage, The Black Eagles are looking for another three points to get the fans in the mood. It will surely be a lot more comfortable for the team to qualify for the Round of 16 with 6 points in 2 match days of the UCL. 

Here are some of the quotes from Cenk Tosun and Şenol Güneş’ Pre-Match Press Conference:

Cenk Tosun: “We cleared our heads in short time. Everyone is ready for the game with their %100 performance. We made the necessary analysis and we are ready. After the Porto game, hopefully, we will also win this match, increase our point to 6 and stay as the group leaders.” After mentioning how close he follows Bundesliga, Tosun said, “What Leipzig managed in the last 2 years is very amazing. After promoting from the 2nd division to Bundesliga, noone expected such an achivement from them. They are a well-disciplined side and they run too much, cover much space. We received the essential tactics from our coach and we hope to give our best and win the game” He also told the reporters that he won’t talk about the derby game, when he was asked.


Şenol Güneş:

“Our Champions League fixture with RB Leipzig will be a difficult one for many reasons. They are a disciplined and aggressive team who rely on quick and sudden attacks. In order to be successful against such a talented side, one must be extremely patient and smart. There is going to a thought behind every ball tomorrow night. If we want to qualify from this group, we need to win our home matches.”

“Monaco-Porto game also matters very much. The teams are balanced at the group. Even though Leipzig joint the group stage from the pot 4, they have nothing less than the others. As a matter of fact we think they are a bit superior. They are a disciplined and aggressive team. They seem to impact with a surprise with the way they play, more than the other teams in the Champions League. They also play nice Counter-attack football. Their 2 Strikers always press high and the wings have the talented individual players who support and carry out the organized attacks. We need to be smart, patient and careful. A tough game is ahead of us. We want to complete our last training today and focus and win tomorrow night.”

As he didn’t mention about the starting XI, he said that “There are no clear tactics yet. We laid the emphasis on our opponent. We also have the Trabzonspor game on sunday. Our purpose here is to make ourselves ready for the game tomorrow. You’ll be able to see about the tactical understanding of our game then”

After saying that “if we lose, things are still far from over; but if we win, we’ll increase our points to 6” he told, “We will play our own game and see how it results”.