Anderson Talisca Agrees On Manchester United Switch

Updated: May 19, 2018

Anderson Talisca, Beşiktaş’ talismanic number 10, has agreed to terms with English giant Manchester United. Based on comments by the player, Beşiktaş’ coach, and trusted media sources, his destination seems clear. The big question remaining is if he’ll be departing from Istanbul, or Lisbon.

For some time now, there has been speculation as to whether or not Talisca would be leaving the team. A major part of the team’s recent domestic and continental success, most Beşiktaş fans hoped the young Brazilian would stay. Having just turned 24 however, and having tasted as much success in Turkey as one might in his two year span with the Istanbul-based club, most knew keeping him was a pipedream. José Mourinho and Manchester United were among the first to be connected to the player, with Liverpool, cash-injected Wolverhampton Wanderers, and recently Roma (with increasing urgency) linked as well. In the end, it was the fabled northwestern English club out of Manchester that won the race to sign the attacking midfielder Talisca.

Talisca himself was the first to make it clear that he was leaving, though he made no indication of where he’d be going:

”I had two beautiful seasons here. I have improved a lot during these seasons. The fans have played a big part in this process. They made me feel comfortable. We did some great work during these two seasons as a team. I am leaving this place with pride.”

Senol Guneş then added more information:

“He has agreed with a club in England, he’ll be on the opposite side of the pitch from Cenk [Tosun]. Wolverhampton? No, no, think bigger.”

Finally trusted TRT reporter Firat Günayer weighed in:

Translated: “Talisca has reached personal terms with Manchester United”

We await news on whether or not Beşiktaş will be cut into the deal. It essentially boils down to whether or not Talisca himself chooses to sign the clause to opt-in, essentially requiring the buyers to go through Beşiktaş (who would then obtain anything in surplus of the 21m that Beşiktaş would owe Benfica via the buyout clause).

Of course, personal terms are only part of the equation, and nothing is set in stone just yet. Günayer also added more information to the equation shortly thereafter:

Translated: “Manchester United have not agreed with Benfica yet, as Benfica are trying to get better offers from other clubs. But Beşiktaş still hold their 21m buyout clause.”

So what does it all mean to Beşiktaş fans? Stay tuned! There will surely be more news to come regarding Talisca in the coming days.

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