Future Black Eagles – 9 Players for the Youth Setup

Updated: July 18, 2018

As part of the ‘Future Black Eagles’ project between Beşiktaş and Vodafone, 9 players have been picked for the youth squad out of 35 competitors.

In the past few days, the Future Black Eagles project came to a close, which was created by Beşiktaş in cooperation with Vodafone. With the help of this project, 9 young players were picked for the youth squad. Sadly, some of the non-picked youngsters burst into tears., but after seeing the tears of the kids, Fikret Orman said that the club would arrange something for everyone.

9 youngsters picked out of 35

After the final game, Beşiktaş’ youth coaches decided on the following names; Metin Mert Batur from Kocaeli, Ege Dinç from İzmir, Bora Gül and Osman Ege Şensek from Diyarbakır, Batuhan Türkcan and Mehmet Haydaroğlu from Ankara, Berk Uslu from Manisa, Enes Aslan from Sivas and Elif Can from Niğde. All were given places in the youth setup squad.

Fikret Orman: “These youngsters will be a part of the youth squad”

After completing the selections, Fikret Orman held a press conference and said that 5 years of the sponsorhip deal with Vodafone had passed, and both sides have been delighted so far. “We’ve been working on how we can expand our agreement in a non-financial way and I thank you on behalf of the Beşiktaş family. We decided on these 9 youngsters and they will be a part of the youth squad. This will be a beginning and we will continue doing this. I feel for the kids who could not get a chance at this but we will also take care of them. I thank Vodafone for their Digital Scouting system.”

Colman Deegen: “We’re proud of bringing young talents into Turkish Football”

Colman Deegen said that some hotshot talents showed up in the tournament, “I congratulate them for their excellent performance. We support the youth as Vodafone Family. We developed the Digital Scouting system with Beşiktaş 4 months ago. We gave opportunities to the kids who were between 8-13 years old, and we’re proud of bringing young talents into Turkish Football.”

Engin Aksoy: “We reached all across Turkey with the Digital Scouting system”

Stating how excited he was with the Digital Scouting project, Engin Aksoy also said “There’s a sponsorship deal between Beşiktaş and Vodafone which is worth nearly 150 Million Dollars. We call it ‘effective attachment’ and this has served as a model. We started the project with this vision, and lots of excitement. We reached all across Turkey with the Digital Scouting system. We want to continue with this project and we thank Beşiktaş JK. We were initially only going to pick 3 players and in the and we picked 9.”

They reached over 500 thousand kids and parents across Turkey

With the ‘Future Black Eagles’ project, the first digital scouting project in the world has been put into practice. To introduce the project, 10 cities were visited in total, covering 36 thousand kilometers of distance and reaching over 500 thousand kids (and their parents) across Turkey.