Beşiktaş: 2 Akhisar: 1 – ‘Beşiktaş Style 3 Points’

Updated: August 14, 2018

With Süper Lig underway, the whole environment in Istanbul has changed. First Galatasaray played on Friday, yes it was an away game but still made a difference, then it was Fenerbahçe and finally Başakşehir (probably had an effect on like 5 people) and Beşiktaş. The hunger for football in the city was obvious and I can tell everyone is ready for a great season. 

The last ten minutes, of course, were once again cancerous for Beşiktaş fans. Especially in the stands you could tell that everyone was waiting for the final whistle. Despite the two UEFA Europa League qualifying matches we’ve had at home, it felt like the first game of the season. The environment before the match turned into a party after the win and all the fans left home happy (and probably tired because the match ended at almost midnight).

I believe that Jeremain Lens is finally the Lens that we were waiting for. We lost a year with him but I’m glad that he is here now. He was definitely the man of the match for me. Other two players that stood out were Ozzie and Medel. I think we are used to Medel playing almost perfect now, it reminds me of the good Atiba. Ozzie is still building up to be the 90 minute player we want him to be but I don’t know if it is because of Guti or something else, he is definitely making a huge impact to the offensive side of the team this year. With a good number 10 on his side, I think he could contribute much better.

On the weak end we have Larin (although not terrible), Necip and Babel. Larin will be a big star in the future but I think we need to ease him into this instead of just throwing him under the bus. He reminds me of Cenk and how Cenk became the player he is by waiting for his chance and training hard. If we can adopt Negredo with Larin, I think he can contribute more as right now he is fading off easily in the game. Necip is our Necip. Nothing has changed, can’t really expect much more than this. It is Güneş’ fault to play him with Pepe instead of Vida or Enzo. Babel, despite the goal, is just not on the field, and this has been the case for a long time. I think Şenol Güneş should bench him and try Quaresma and Lens on the wing instead. I would love for us to play 4-4-2 with Quaresma-Lens on the wings and Negredo-Larin up front. Larin can be changed with Babel from time to time and that can get Negredo the chance to assist Babel like he did with Talisca last year.

At the end, the transfer window is still open and we can get a striker and a #10 to make everything much better. Do I think we will get anyone? With the current economic conditions, I doubt it… Will it be a big mistake? Yes! Losing another year of Champions League would effect us economically more than any players wage or transfer costs.

Now on to the second game of the Europa League qualifiers against LASK. It will be a tough one but I think we can get a good result with some concentration. 

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