Post-match reactions following shock 2-3 home defeat against Antalyaspor

Updated: August 27, 2018

Beşiktaş suffered a shock 2-3 home defeat at the hands of Antalyaspor last night, their first ever league defeat at Vodafone Park and their first home league defeat in 45 games.

Souleymane Doukara opened the scoring after 20 minutes from an apparant offside, although a recent rule change concurs with the referee’s decision to let it stand, Antalyaspor hit Beşiktaş again just 4 minutes later when a Hakan Özmert long shot took a deflection on Doukara and left Utku with no chance. Beşiktaş responded with a goal of their own just a little over a minute later through Álvaro Negredo (who now has 3 goals in 3 matches) but antalyaspor struck again on the counter when Souleymane Doukara beat Vida on pace and served Yekta Kurtuluş an easy tap in at the far post with a low cross.

Beşiktaş  hit back early in the second half through Pepe in the 56th minute, but continuous stoppages of play took the tempo completely out of the match and Antalyaspor managed to hold on to their shock victory. Below are the reactions of both our players, coach and Antalyaspor’s Yekta Kurtluş:

Pepe: “We should have won in the returning game from a Europa League game. We couldn’t reflect the necessary tempo on the pitch in the second half. I have two daughters, I always gift my goals to them. This goal should be a gift to my princesses”

Gökhan Gönül: “I’ve been playing football for nearly 20 years, 13-14 of them in the super league. I have never been unfair to anyone. This was a game with elevated tension. The medic should be around here somewhere, ask him. It seems like I’m hitting him but that’s not how it is. It was a tense moment. I did something to urge him to leave the pitch as soon as possible, but I controlled myself. If the medic says I hit him, I accept every condemnation that’s being made about me. If I hit him, he would’ve lost his balance, his footing. I was in control of myself there. I know the people that say I hit. They are, so to say, keyboard dwellers. When there is a good deed, they only reluctantly and half heartedly talk about it only because they have to, and wait for an opportunity to shred me. I’m not getting offended, I don’t care about what they have to say.”

Şenol Güneş: “It was a miraculous loss. We couldn’t get what we deserve from what we played. The opponent did all they could, and got the 3 points. We also were as tenacious as we could be, but couldn’t get the 3 points. There were some errors in defense. It was a (negative sort of) miracle that we conceded 3 goals. They scored without even having any chances. The tempo of the game should prevail. The game stops 10 times. The referee writes some stuff. Are you there for refereeing or giving the opponent some time, some relief for a breather? He also refereed our Antalyaspor game last year in the same manner. Are you a disturbed person? About the football, I can’t say anything about my boys. We could’ve won it after 1-3. We took significant risks. The game asked for a substitution. As for Vida, he had an injury so we had to replace him. Some people reportedly didn’t like this substitution tactically, they should speak with a little more consideration.

Negredo: “It’s very sad to lose after a long string without home losses. We were unbelievably bad in the first half. In the second half, all that stopping of the game when we were trying to press it, prevented us from increasing the tempo as we’d like. We created some chances but not much came out of them in the end. Whenever and wherever my coach gives me a chance on the pitch, I’ll try to do the best out of it.”

Yekta Kurtuluş: “Psychologically we sat back. The quality of Beşiktaş is evident. They didn’t lose home for 45 games. We capitalized on what we could create up front and defended well. How things went, I can say we wasted some time, in a professional manner.”

(Translations by Emrah Dinçer)

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