Guti in awe by “really good” Beşiktaş.

Updated: August 21, 2014

Volkan Çelik

Besiktas born and raised ! Football coach in the making. - London, U.K
Volkan Çelik

Former Besiktas player and Real Madrid Legend Guti Hernandez had a few things to say to (RadyoSpor) following Besiktas very impressive performance against Arsenal.

Besiktas were the dominant side against Arsenal, Besiktas were honestly really good, i watched very carefully, they played with heart and passion and fought to win ” 

Guti later went on to add his opinions on Besiktas this season and said ” Besiktas in my opinion need a top class play maker and a good right back, a left winger , the team generally is very good, but they have some areas that need strengthening in.  if Besiktas sign players in these positions i think they will have a fantastic season ahead “

Guti who is currently coaching at Real Madrid youths also lastly added ” I would like to return to Besiktas one day, i continuously follow the club and like the club, i hope to one day come back to Besiktas” 

(RadyoSpor) also confirmed Guti Hernandez will be at the opening of the new Vodafone Arena Stadium.



( RadyoSpor )