Mircea Lucescu on José Sosa.

Updated: September 4, 2014

Former Beşiktaş head coach and current Shaktar Donetsk head coach, Mircea Lucescu, gave his opinion on Beşiktaş’ new transfer, Jose Sosa. Here is what he had to say;

”Sosa is a great and technically gifted player. He achieved good things in Metalist Kharkiv. Physically, he isn’t as strong as Raul Garcia, so he’ll need to get support during the match. However, he would be including amongst the players with very good technique.”

Upon being asked about if Sosa could be as useful as Sergen Yalçın, Lucescu responded by saying;

”Sergen Yalçın was an excellent football player. I worked with him in Turkey at Galatasaray and Beşiktaş. I know that he is very good. However, I don’t know Sosa as well as Sergen. I only know him from the matches that were played between Shaktar and Metalist. Therefore, it wouldn’t be correct to compare them.”


Jose Sosa also made comments about what role Lucescu played in him coming to Beşiktaş. Here’s what he responded with when he was asked about him;

”Shaktar Donetsk’s head coach, Mircea Lucescu, explained Beşiktaş to me with very good words. He told me that Turkey was just for me, Beşiktaş fans would love me and that I would be successful under the black and white uniform. His words was a factor in my decision.”



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