Two Beşiktaş players came face to face.

Updated: September 8, 2014

The Beşiktaş men’s basketball team’s new transfer, Kerem Tunçeri, and the Australian basketball player, Ryan Broekhoff, who was on Beşiktaş’ roster last season, became opponents in the last 16 match that was played last night, which ended up with Turkey winning thanks to a last second 3 pointer.

There was a seperate event that interested the Beşiktaş fans in this match. This encounter brought the Turkey national team’s experience guard and Beşiktaş’ new transfer, Kerem Tunçeri, and Beşiktaş’ current player, Ryan Broekhoff, who played with a 60% 3 pointer average in the tournament, face to face.

What did the Beşiktaş basketball players do? 

While staying on the court for 14 minutes, Kerem Tunçeri scored a total of 6 points, both of them being 3 pointers. He also recorded a rebound and 2 assists. He commited 2 fouls as well.

Australia’s young basketball player, Ryan Broekhoff, completed the match with 5 points and stayed on the court for 18 minutes. While his 5 points included a 3-point shot and a 2-point shot, he completed the match with 4 defensive rebounds, 4 fouls and 2 turnovers along with his 5 points.



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