Galatasaray in trouble with FFP, may see winnings go to Beşiktaş

Updated: September 12, 2014
Rummenigge during the press conference. Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

After Beşiktaş’s elimination from the Champions League, press and social media was crazy about Beşiktaş’s share from the CL market pool that Galatasaray is going to have instead. To add insult to injury, in some sources, word of an amount of money around 10 million Euros were being circulated whereas in reality it was ~2.8 million Euros. On the other hand, media coverage for a piece of news where the money travels the other way was sporadic. Rummenigge’s press conference in Switzerland covered by has good news for clubs like Beşiktaş who comply to Financial Fair-Play rules even though the amount of money does not seem certain yet (though rumors say Galatasaray to pay around 200k and Beşiktaş to receive around 300k).

Financial Fair-Play Fines

European Club Association chairman Rummenigge announced that UEFA’s financial fair-play fines will be distributed among clubs that comply.

Most serious fined clubs were Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Zenit St. Petersburg. Among those clubs, City’s fine may go up to 50 million Pounds unless they accept the regulations imposed by UEFA.

Still, these three clubs will probably pay up to a total of 25 million Euros and that money will be distributed among Champions League and Europa League participants that comply.

“We Reached a Verdict”

In a press conference in Geneva, Rummenigge said: “We reached a verdict with UEFA and the clubs that this money inherently belongs to the clubs. UEFA accepted that the money pool consisting of the fines will be distributed among clubs that were not fined.”

German football executive’s words mean that even though Galatasaray and Trabzonspor are allowed to participate in European competitions, since they are fined for not complying to Financial Fair-Play rules they will be contributing to the pool instead of getting a share out of it.