West Ham United interested in Slaven Bilic.

Updated: September 16, 2014

English Premier League side, West Ham United, is reportedly interested in Slaven Bilic.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper in England, Slaven Bilic would be the first candidate for West Ham’s head coach position if Sam Allardyce was to get sacked. There’s rumors that the West Ham United board and Sam Allardyce’s relationship isn’t that good. West Ham United isn’t in a very good position early on in the league as well. They’re in 13th place with 4 points in 4 games.

Slaven Bilic was recently asked about a contract extension and his future in Beşiktaş. He responded by saying that he loves it here and so does his friends and family, but none should focus on the future as of now. Everybody knows that it’s no secret that Bilic loves Istanbul. Also, many Beşiktaş fans have come to love Bilic due to his actions on and off the field as he is known to be a gentleman. He’s also very passionate about his job, which is highly appreciated by the fans as well. They show that they appreciate him by chanting his name in the stands or when the team arrives at the airport as well. Most Beşiktaş fans are keen on having him coach Beşiktaş for a long time.

Here’s some videos that Beşiktaş fans have made for Slaven Bilic:

Beşiktaş fans have even gifted Slaven Bilic a guitar:

On the other hand, it’s no secret that Bilic fancies a return to East London one day (He played for West Ham United back in the 1996-97 season and is a fan favorite). Back in 2008, when Bilic was coaching Croatia, Bilic spoke to a Croatian newspaper, Sportske Novosti, and stated that he’s always said West Ham would be his first choice when he returns to England.


Bilic also spoke to Daily Mail about a month ago and said that he has recieved 7 managerial offers from England before, but he didn’t name the clubs. This was before the Arsenal games as well. Bilic’s reputation definitely increased in England after the performance that his team showed against Arsenal in the Champions League play-off round (Beşiktaş drew the first game 0-0 at home, but lost the return leg 1-0 at the Emirates).

It’s looking like West Ham United will definitely come knocking at Beşiktaş’ door if they decide to sack Sam Allardyce, but it may be tough to convince the Beşiktaş board to let Slaven Bilic go, especially if they come knocking mid season. Bilic still has a 2 year contract left at Beşiktaş and he’ll most likely complete the 2014-2015 season at Beşiktaş. West Ham United will probably have a better chance if they come knocking on Beşiktaş’ door for Bilic at the end of the season, but that chance may decrease a lot if Bilic has a successful season at Beşiktaş.

Lastly, West Ham United fans seem to really want Bilic in charge of the team as well. They’ve expressed this in social media. For instance, one account that’s completely dedicated to West Ham United wished Slaven Bilic a happy birthday 5 days ago and hoped that he would be West Ham’s manager in the future and most West Ham United fans are hoping that Bilic will be West Ham’s next manager as well.

We’ll have to see what happens in the future. My personal opinion is that Slaven Bilic will complete the 2014-2015 season at Beşiktaş and if he has a successful season, then it’ll definitely be very hard for West Ham United to acquire Slaven Bilic’s services. Even if Bilic doesn’t have a very successful season, the Beşiktaş board might decide to continue with him and trust him, which I hope they do if something like that is to happen, but it also kind of depends on Bilic’s desire if he wants to stay or not as well since he’s only going to have a year left on his contract at the end of this season.

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