Shoulder to shoulder with Chelsea?

Updated: October 14, 2014

Volkan Çelik

Besiktas born and raised ! Football coach in the making. - London, U.K
Volkan Çelik

Beşiktaş, who are working on their youth project, are about to come to an agreement with world footballing giants Chelsea FC according to reports from Milliyet

Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman, vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi and other fellow board members who went to London for the Europa League match against Tottenham, were also in London to have meeting with Chelsea, to come to an agreement on an affiliation. If Beşiktaş do come to an agreement with Chelsea, this will allow the Black Eagles to gain scouting knowledge and ideas from Chelsea as well as having first option to possibly loan young talents from Chelsea.

Beşiktaş, who have recently had the most players called up to the Turkish national team, are also working on developing their own home grown players as well as young talented foreign players. the Black Eagles plan to improve their youth setup even more, and make their youth setup one of the best in Europe have also spoken to Arsenal FC academy officials to gain some information, now the Black Eagles are in talks with Chelsea.

Before the match against Tottenham in London, Beşiktaş board memeber Erdal Torunogullari, who also deals with Beşiktaş transfers, met up with Chelsea’s youth academy coaches to discuss a possible affiliation and agreement to potentially loan Chelsea reserve and youth players. Chelsea send a lot of players out to top European teams, if they can come to an agreement with Beşiktaş, we could see Besiktas having first options on loaning future Chelsea loan players.

Beşiktaş and Chelsea officials will come together again to have final meetings and discussions about this affiliation. Beşiktaş want to make their youth setup as good as Premier League quality teams and are also going to have discussions with other English clubs to gain more information.

Beşiktaş have their eyes set on the second divisions

As read a few months ago, Beşiktaş were planning to become affiliated with a Belgian second division club and send four players there every season to play regular matches.a lot of board members of the club agreed this is a good idea, but the board members has decided instead of paying the Belgian second division team €500.000  every season, they will look to buy a second division team with the help of sponsors, which they feel will be better rather than annually paying €500.000.