Beşiktaş and Adanaspor sign ‘declaration of intention’

Updated: January 17, 2015
Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman, vice-president Deniz Atalay, general secretary Ahmet Ürkmezgil and Adanaspor president Bayram Akgül attended the signing ceremonty at the Gloria sports arena today.
Beşiktaş club president Fikret Orman had the following to say about the declaration of intention:
“To evolve in today’s industrial climate of football we need to undertake certain steps as a club, we’ve been looking in to the possibility of establishing a partnership with another club for quite some time now. We have the ambition to attain European success in the future, however with UEFA’s Financial Fairplay regulations and the new foreigner rule in Turkey we have encountered certain difficulties and we believe that establishing a relationship with another club will help us to develop our own youth more effectively.
Adanaspor is a great community. Adana is one of Turkey’s most important cities. I believe that this cooperation between our two clubs will lead to a significant synergy. I think that a partnership will be mutually beneficial. Adanaspor Chairman Bayram Akgülhas embraced our ideas. We will still require more time to map out our plans more specifically. But we feel that it causes no harm to make our intentions public. By signing this protocol agreement, we declare that we will work out a mutually beneficial plan going forward. We will purchase stock of the Adanaspor club. But it is not our intention to become the main shareholder, we only plan to buy around 20-25-30% of the club’s stocks. Our former player Gökhan Keskin will play an important role in this project. He will provide us with his technical expertise. Turkey Football Federation after a change in regulations will accelerate. Thank you for the feast Ahmed trust us. Due to the recent changes implemented by the Turkish Football Federation our plans have developed quicker, we would like to thank Bayram Akgül for his hospitality.
We are investing in Adanaspor not with the intent to control the club. We want it to be mutually beneficial, we have common interests. We will only send players to Adanaspor which they agree to. They will not become our feeder club, they will become our ‘brother’ club.
We are also interested in establishing a relationship with a foreign club. When we’d establish such a cooperation with Chelsea it is perceived as a positive thing, but when two Turkish clubs wnat to work together it is immediatly shot down by people.
We want to work together in a transparant way, we need to be able to look in to their books and they need to be able to do the same with us. We have started that now with the our declaration of intetion, as a show of goodwill. We are going to see what happens going forward, as an investor we need to be able to make some profit both in financial ways and others.
Gökhan Keskin will become the sportive director at Adanaspor. (Gökhan Keskin previously played for the Black Eagles during the 1980s, he was part of Gordon Milne’s historic team which won the Süper Lig three times in a row,  and was an assistant coach under Mircea Lucescu in the early 2000s)
Gökhan will determine the club’s strategy for next season, not us. Adanaspor will continue to run their own community, if we want to transfer a player there they have the right to refuse.
This is a long term plan, potential changes in management will not effect our agreement in the future. We are also interested in another team in the lower leagues.
Once you have enhanced a product, it’s attraction will increase. We have been doing our job well and we have a good relationship with our sponsor Vodafone. Sponsors will come as long as we’re doing a good job. This partnership will benefit Adanaspor’s opportunities to aquire new sponsorship deals. The value of our brand has already increased significantly, we are also planning on investing more in our Basketball and amateur branches.
We want to invest in our youth products, it is difficult for us to let them play in the first team immediatly without propper experience. We don’t want to give them away for free, we wnat to make money on the sale of our players (or have them play for the first team), but they need to develop their talent for that to be possible.”

Adanaspor club president Bayram Akgül had the following to say:

“I believe we can achieve many great things by establishing a partnership with Beşiktaş. We are not becoming their feeder club, we will be a full partner in this relationship. Adanaspor is a great community. We have had many of our players join Beşiktaş in the past. I believe this will be a beneficial agreement.The Çukurova region will gift Turkish football many great talents. We believe that we will return to the Süper Lig thanks in part to the mutual benefits of this agreement.

After the statements made to the assembled press both Bayram Akgül and Fikret Orman engaged in the contract signing.


In summarization:

Beşiktaş and Adanaspor will be working closely together, Beşiktaş will look to send several youth players to Adanaspor to help them further develop their talents. Adanaspor is not obligated to take any player which they feel they don’t need. Beşiktaş will purchase 20-30% of the Adanaspor stocks as a form of a financial injection to Adanaspor aswell as a sign of commitment to the parternship agreement. Ultimately it is the goal for Beşiktaş youth players to reach a level where they will be able to play in the Beşiktaş first team, or atleast have an incrased value on the transfer market so that Beşiktaş can make a decent amount of money on their sales.

Beşiktaş also declared that they are still looking for a similar partnership with a foreign club aswell as a Turkish club in the lower leagues.

With today’s contract signings both clubs declared that they have the intention to work together in a mutual beneficial partnership, however they have not yet decided on any specific details and declared that those would be made public in due time. Over the next couple of months both clubs will be looking at the possibilities.

Both Fikret Orman and Bayram Akgül stressed that Adanaspor will remain it’s own community/club and that Beşiktaş will not become the decision maker in their community.


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