Beşiktaş present new signings and contract extentions during press conference

Updated: January 31, 2015

Volkan Çelik

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Volkan Çelik

Beşiktaş called a press conference yesterday at the Nevzat Demir complex to present their new signings: Tolgay Arslan, Daniel Opare and Alexander Milosevic. And the five players who extended their contracts with the club.

Beşiktaş vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi had the following to say:

“These are all important players who are suited for our club, I am very happy that we have agreed deals with these players. I know that everyone at the club are delighted with these signings. I wish them all the best. I would like to thank Mete Vardar who had a huge hand in negotiations with extending our current players’ deals and Erdal Torunogullari who helped a lot with the 3 new signings. We are a team, and as a team we worked well and hard and I am sure Beşiktaş will see this hard work pay off.

These new signings are a 10% addition to the club, the biggest addition to the club is it’s crest. I would also like to thank our club chairman Fikret Orman for his help.”


Club senior team associate Mete Vardar had the following to say:

“I’m very excited today, working at this honorable club which I love. And helping them improve. I’d like to thank all the players, we have a very big and strong team here. Starting from the team captain Tolga Zengin up to all the other players, we have a strong team, everyone is like a family and everyone is united together as one. It is a great feeling to work under our club president Fikret Orman and vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi.

Our new signings were very strongly recommended to us by our scouting team, who have been scouting the players for a while. i am very confident and have faith in the new signings and the rest of the team

We want to experience the same success we did with Metin (Tekin) – Ali (Gültiken) – Feyyaz (Uçar)  in the season, with this strong team and players I am very confident we can bring those successful days back and re-live them.”


Club official responsible for external relations Erdal Torunogullari had the following to say:

“You need to be very patient with transfers,  in the past few days we saw what happened with the Tolgay transfer. our vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi played a big role in Tolgay’s transfer. I believe these new signings will be a huge addition to Beşiktaş.”


New signing Tolgay Arslan from Hamburg SV also had a few things to say to the assembled media:

“Firstly I would like to apologize for speaking in German, my Turkish is not that good. For me to speak more clearly and propperly express myself I am speaking in German.

I am very happy to be here. Ahmet Nur Cebi and Erdal Toruogullari had a huge role to play in my transfer and my decision to join Beşiktaş. I hope we will go on to have a successful season this season.”


Our new signing from AiK Stockholm Alexander Milosevic had the following to say to the assembled media:

“I really am delighted to have signed with Beşiktaş and to be here, Ahmet Nur Cebi dealt with my transfer and it went through quickly and easily.”


New signing Daniel Opare from FC Porto had the following to say to the assembled media:

“I am really happy to be here, it’s an honor to play for Beşiktaş. I’ve wanted to wear the shirt of Beşiktaş and play for them. And now I have the opportunity to do so.  To wear this shirt you must work really hard, I am ready to give my all and do all I can to ensure I can wear this shirt as much as I can and play. I would also like to thank the board who worked hard to make my transfer happen.”


Beşiktaş player Veli Kavlak had the following to say on his contract extention:

“I am very happy to have signed a new 4-year deal and hope to have 4 successful seasons with the club. I would like to thank the club president and vice-president who have been very helpful.”


Beşiktaş player Ersan Gülüm had the following to say on his contract extention:

 “I would like to thank every one at the club, I am delighted to have extended my contract. My job is going to be harder now and I am looking forward to the friendly competition for a first team spot.”


Beşiktaş player Cenk Gönen had the following to say on his contract extention:

“First of all I am very delighted to have signed a new deal with the club and extend my contract, I hope the club and I will have successful seasons for many years to come. I am happy to give my experience and ability for the club on the pitch. I would like to thank the board who helped me with signing a new deal.”


Beşiktaş player Mustafa pektemek on his new deal:

“I hope it will benefit both sides, I’ve proudly worn this club’s jersey for 3,5-years and to be able to wear it again for another few years makes me proud. I would like to thank the club president, vice-president and Mr. Mete Vardar . i will give my all for this club.”


Beşiktaş youngster Atinç Nukan on his new deal with the club:

 “I am very excited and happy to have signed a new deal. I would like to thank the club president and vice-president for the new deal. I would like to wear this honorable jersey for many years and would love for us to be champions this season.”


A question was then asked to club vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi on why Atiba Hutchinson has not yet signed a new deal, Ahmet Nur Cebi replied by saying:

 “Atiba is our contracted player for now. He is a player we like a lot, his agent is away which is why we have not been able to meet yet, there are small things in the way which we are trying to sort out.  We are also trying to sort out new contracts for some other players in the club.”


Veli Kavlak had a few more things to say to the assembled press:

“Before I signed my new contract, there were other clubs interested in me and wanted to start contract talks, but I told them I will speak with Beşiktaş first, I spoke with Mr. Ahmet Nur Cebi and we agreed a new deal.”


Tolgay was then asked about his transfer to which he replied:

“One month ago I made a promise and I stuck to that promise, life is not always about money, I wanted to go somewhere where I will be happy so I signed with Beşiktaş.”


Another journalist then asked why Tolgay had met with Trabzonspor president Haciosmanoglu and other club officials:

“It wasnt just Trabzon, i had offers from England and Italy as well. My agent did his job and showed me all the clubs that had made an offer for me. I listened to my heart and chose Beşiktaş. My father is one of the most important people in my life, he wanted what he thought would be best for me. I felt Beşiktaş would be the better option and I listened to my heart and signed the contract.”


Ahmet Nur Cebi then ended the press conference with these final comments:

“I would like to thank our footballers, they didn’t cause us any problems. When we made these transfers we thought about the club’s economic views. We are now awaiting to be champions. We have a very well run club now, with many good young players coming through from our youth system and with our new transfers.  If we look at these transfers I feel we have made good signings, I hope they settle in quickly and we can lift the title at the end of the season and many other seasons to come with these players.”


Source: BJK TV