Beşiktaş officially deny Petr Cech rumors

Updated: April 13, 2015

Yesterday Beşiktaş JK went out of their way to deny recent transfer rumors regarding Chelsea and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Several Turkish newspapers and other media, among which Milliyet, claimed that Beşiktaş had brought Petr Cech to Istanbul over the course of last week for detailed contract negotiations.

Last week vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi already made similar statements as to yesterday’s official press release by the club:

“Cech is a fantastic goalkeeper, but we are happy with the goalkeepers we have right now. There are still eight matches left int he season and our focus is on that. We will conduct transfers once the season is over.”

Beşiktaş rarely go out of their way to deny transfer negotiations, on occassion they will deny newsarticles written in papers but these are usually articles which concern the personal lives of their current players, articles which are often written with the intention of damaging the players’ or club’s image. However, it rarely happens that the club goes out of their way to deny transfer rumors as these are so common that it would become a fulltime job just to issue statements to deny them.

It may be worth noting that last time a club official first went on TV and later the club issued a statement about these same transfer rumors, these rumors concerned Demba Ba potential transfer to Beşiktaş at the start of 2014-2015 summer transfer window. And that transfer eventually did end up happening.

Of course this is just speculation, but there are a few similarities already. The fact that Beşiktaş has already talked so much about Petr Cech would make you think where there is smoke there is fire.

It may just be that the club are denying these rumors in order to prevent mass dissapointment and critisism in case the transfer fails to happen as there is plenty of other interest in Petr Cech’s services from some of Europe’s biggest clubs such as Arsenal FC and Inter Milan.

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