Beşiktaş on recent claims involving Chelsea

Updated: April 27, 2015

The black and white team responded to the recent claims of Beşiktaş jointly establishing an academy with Chelsea in the near future.

It was claimed that Beşiktaş, who have a close relationship with Chelsea, will jointly establish an academy with them. The local press who have been seriously reporting this, excited the black and white community and comments on the topic have been made.

Beşiktaş’ academy coordinator, Emrah Bayraktar, said that he has no information on this topic and expressed that these claims are false.

Emrah Bayraktar:

“I don’t have any information on the claims of an academy agreement between Beşiktaş and Chelsea. I’m hearing it for the first time.”

“There isn’t an academy model that we get directly from overseas. There is a Beşiktaş academy model that we formed according to the conditions in Turkey”

(TRT Spor)


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