Slaven Bilic’s Galatasaray post-match reactions

Updated: May 24, 2015

In his post match interview Slaven Bilic shared his thoughts on the game, the season and hinted at his future.

Lig TV’s journalist Ömer Güvenç asked Slaven Bilic several questions:

Three weeks ago Besiktas was in first place on goal difference, today they are ten points behind the leaders. How do you think this happened?

“I can talk about tonight’s game, I’d like to congratulate Galatasaray on the win. I am proud of my players the way they played today, they played really good. I think we were the better team from the start to the end, but they just used their two situations and scored two goals. We didn’t, I think we had many many positions which were promising and really came out from good actions but we just didn’t score a goal.

And this is also the answer for these questions, especially in big games this happened a lot this season that we are controlling the pitch and are getting better positions but we don’t score goals and then we don’t win games.

So we can say and it’s true that tonight we are unlucky but we are definitely missing something that gives us that edge to win big games and to win championships.”

Today we saw Besiktas dominate most of the match, everyone agrees on this but still lost and this is the second season you end as third and win no derby match, what do you think the reasons are for this? Does it have to do with a lack of experience in your squad?

“Well as I said you can say that we are unlucky in big games and you can say that we lack experience although as I said I am happy the way we played. but you can also say that it is the lack of that extra quality, for example their second goal, Sneijder’s goal… I saw him score 30 goals like this for Inter, Real, Holland or Galatasaray.

This season we did not have THAT edge which makes you champions.”

What are your plans for the future? Will you be staying at Besiktas or will you be resigning?

“Well I am going to discuss it not over the televions, I already discussed it with the board we just didn’t announce it. As I said I am the first one who is going to take responsibility for not winning the league for two years. I have already made my decision and I will make it known to the players soon.”

(Lig TV post match coverage)

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